Bungie founder wants to reinvent shooters for iPad

These days, [Alex] Seropian is losing a lot of sleep. He founded Industrial Toys with the idea that tablets were the future of video games.

He believes your iPad is the perfect venue for shooters like Halo: the style of game his team perfected on PCs, then rebuilt for consoles. And he’s making a game he hopes will prove it.

If there’s anyone that can do it, it’s Alex Seropian.



    • Moeskido

      I suck so badly at that game, I once got stuck somewhere in a maintenance tube and had to ditch.

  • FuzzyPuffin

    “The trade-off, Bertone says, is the game will do much of the moving for you.” So, no.

    I actually thought the new iOS Deus Ex had a decent control scheme, but it’s never in a million years going to come close to a KB+Mouse.

    The most exciting thing about this game, IMO, is that they have an actual science fiction writer.

  • alextheukrainian

    Soooo can’t wait. It’s great timing, too, given the leaks about iOS 7.