And this is what’s wrong with Forbes

“The fact is that Forbes, as a corporate communication enterprise, is now consumed by a mathematical game of just generating ‘hits,’ he writes. His base pay of $200 month worked out to less than $3 an hour for the 40 hours he spent on writing his agreed-upon four posts, Monagan says.

Clearly the writer made a mistake in this case, but the way Forbes and others do business is leading to more of this happening.

  • the Ugly Truth

    ahhhh….is this why there is so much written about AAPL and its impending doom? ;=P

  • irony: a blog complaining about writing to generate hits

    • Moeskido

      Embarrassment: A troll who believes his directionless sarcasm contributes to a discussion.

  • mikey

    The Forbes brand has been so shamed by this rag pile that Steve Forbes will have to change his name if he wants to run for president again.

  • Terry

    why in this Internet age is Forbes considered a source of “news”? Same for Bloomberg et. al. There seems to have been a re-invention of brand names on the web that represented a clear pov in print.

  • marv08

    Hm, so he used a pretty questionable phrase, and pinned it to the wrong person on top of that.

    And then it is up to the editors at Forbes to correct it (as there are certainly numerous experts for sexual preferences of Irish politicians at Forbes)?

    The responsibility for the contents of an article lies with the author (unless someone else edits it). And, without calling these types of remuneration schemes acceptable or positive for the development of journalism… he is using a pretty cheap excuse here.