Samsung’s waterproof S4 is not so waterproof

An AT&T employee sealed up the Samsung phone, took it in the water and it leaked like a sieve. Oh, and the warranty doesn’t cover water damage.

  • Jeff Slater

    Samsung lie about their products? Colour me shocked.

  • anexanhume

    Waterproof != Water resistant (submerged, pressured environment vs. standard pressure no immersion environment). Which does Samsung claim?

    • Richard

      On their website they claim up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes

      • anexanhume

        Ouch. That’s definitely a waterproof claim.

        • MrPhotoEd

          Water resistant. I don’t think any company uses the term waterproof nowadays.

  • Paul

    My buddy has one and takes underwater videos in his pool all the time, no issues,I wouldn’t put my phone in the water like that though.

  • MrPhotoEd

    If I was to take my phone underwater, If it was rated to do so, I would do the same as with my underwater cameras. Check and make sure all seals are clean of any grit. Use a silicon grease, You can get it at any dive store, and lightly grease all covers and o rings. Take time to do this, I was rushed one time on a research trip and the repair on a flash from water damage was a costly lesson. Most likely a little piece of grit on the USB cover is what doomed his phone.

    Been there, felt that heartbreak.

  • The White Tiger

    No company should be able to advertise this “feature”– even if water damage in a supposed water-resistant phone is caused by faulty manufacturing, the warranty isn’t going to cover it.

    Or if they can advertise it, there should be giant asterisks everywhere alerting you to their complete lack of liability should the water resistance fail.