Responsive navigation trends

I just want the navigation on a responsive design big enough so my fingers don’t hit two or three buttons at a time.

  • That’s why I like Chrome mobile. It gives you a zoomed view when you click too close to multiple buttons. Excellent feature.

  • James Hughes

    What I don’t like about websites like those in the examples listed on the website linked here, is that I can’t pinch to zoom even if I want to. You want to optimize the website for all devices? Fine. But leave the option for me to zoom into certain areas up to me.

    • Bryan Pietrzak

      Sites that disable pinch to zoom and double tap zoom are te worst. I won’t visit them anymore and leave the site immediately. So disrespectful.

    • mdelvecchio


  • mdelvecchio

    i just wish this site would stop treating iphones as second-class citizens and serve the Discus comments. plenty of others do. sites that treat iphones (which have a full-internet browser) as less-then are hateful to their users.

  • gotnate

    My god, It’s filled with hamburger buttons!