Apple still leads mobile profits

Daniel Eran Dilger for AppleInsider:

Strategy Analytics is attempting to estimate mobile handset profit shares for both companies. While it generated a lot of coverage for its report, the numbers not only don’t reflect reality, but they were further mangled by sloppy reporting from a variety of major tech websites.

I’m shocked. It’s a great article.

  • I’m shocked, Apple fluff piece from a site called AppleInsider.

    • Colin F

      Actually, the original Strategy Analytics report was found to be inaccurate, and its conclusion based on a combination of factual inaccuracies and estimates which AI were able to disprove by looking at actual results released from Samsung and Apple. The level of detail AI have gone into here is what I would normally expect from a decent investigative journalism outlet.

      The Strategy Analytics story has since been amended, although many of the news outlets still carry the original – and now debunked – headline.

      At the end of the day facts are facts, whether or not we like what they tell us.

    • weyhan

      I know! Facts are so fluffy, right?

      • Right! Like everything else Apple, fluffy like a teddy bear. Just needs a big hug!

        • weyhan

          That’s so damning when you read it out loud. LOL

  • Agarun Ilyaguyev

    Strategy Analytics messed up on so many levels, it’s actually both funny and sad. Kudos to Appleinsider for doing the work and properly embarrassing them.

    Serves them right! That’s what you get for picking headline first, and then trying to rearrange data in order to create supportive “facts”.

  • This is possibly the single best article I’ve seen from Daniel. He has vastly improved his writing of late.

    • Moeskido

      Agreed. While perhaps not as entertaining as his old “How Microsoft Tried to Kill QuickTime” series, this certainly shows he’s aiming higher.

      • I was a big fan of his coverage of the 1997 “burying the hatchet with Microsoft” event, as the day after it occurred, a coworker burst into my office to tell me that ‘Microsoft bought Apple!”. I have referred many a detractor over the years to that article, as even today, people who should know better still believe Microsoft had or has control or even owned Apple at one point.

        • Moeskido

          I wish Roughly Drafted had better indexing. I’d like to find a couple of those articles again.

          • Heh. I found this by typing “roughly drafted 150” into Google. Which made me laugh…

            The Story Nobody Covered

          • Moeskido


          • Such was certainly not my intent. I had always found using RDM’s archive to be an exercise in creative search strings.

    • I was thinking the same thing. In fact, I was wondering if he’d been replaced. But there’s an incomprehensigraph right at the end.

      • Moeskido

        Horace Dediu doesn’t make incomprehensographs. He’s just very focused on statistics. Have a look at his column if you haven’t already.

    • matthewmaurice

      Yeah, he’s still pretty much the archetypal fan boy, but with this one he got Strategy Analytics cold on toast.