An Apple lover selling his iPad

A lot of people sent me this article by Steve Kovach where he sold his iPad because he no longer used it. I think some expected me to lash out or something, but I don’t have a problem with someone selling their device because it no longer fits into their lifestyle. We all use devices differently and when one of them no longer fits, it’s time to cut it loose.

  • justin_horn

    I find myself choosing my iPhone over my iPad in almost every situation. Even when reading a book in bed. It’s just so much easier to hold.

    The one place I use my iPad is to watch movies when I’m flying. It’s a lot smaller than my MacBook, and the screen is quite a lot bigger than my iPhone.

    • Sam

      I am much the same. I use my iPad for taking notes in Google Drive for meetings and other than that I have found myself using it less and less. I use my 4S all day long and my various Macs but the iPad has really taken a backseat for everyday use. I am looking to get an iPad Mini for just content consumption. My old eyes have trouble with the 4S screen at times for consuming content. Might just go with a Kindle Paperwhite instead.

      • Especially if you’re already using Readability or Instapaper, I highly recommend the Paperwhite over a tablet if it’s really for reading purposes. I regularly both send articles directly and also collect them and send them to my Kindle at the end of the day for reading. Way easier on the eyes, and especially nice for reading before bed, as it doesn’t keep you awake.

    • John

      Oddly, my usage has gone the other way. I use the iPad mini far more than my 4S, to the extent I’ve replaced it with a featurephone. My MBA even sees less usage, unless I need to use some peripherals.

      • I’m similar, except I use my MacBook Pro a lot, as well as my iPad. A feature phone fits my budget, but the cost of of the plans for a smartphone of any sort is just too much.

    • I pretty regularly catch myself using my iPhone for some task that would probably be better on my iPad or MB.

      Its really weird when I have all 3 in front of me. There is definitely a counterintuitive nature to that small screen. Hyper focus?

  • jacksonsquire

    I don’t use my iPad 2 much anymore, either. Bought it to read books at night before I went to bed, and I thought that after a while because of the larger screen and whatnot there’d be some decent games out for it — not so. Bunch of quick buck games when that screen would lend itself to some absolutely gorgeous and deep games if they didn’t see dollar signs on throwaway ones.

    Now, I just use a Kindle to read when I feel like reading and a Nintendo 3DS to play games when I feel like playing games. Gave my sister the iPad. She loves it thoroughly. She even uses it now at her business to handle credit card processing.

  • lucascott

    Agreed. Someone dissing on a product he never used is one thing. But Steve did and it just wasn’t his thing. No shame in that

  • I personally sold my iPad 3, then bought an iPad Mini and susequently sold that. I had zero real use for them because I have a retina Macbook Pro that I have on 24 hours a day right next to me … I am a designer … ie: I never stop. lol. So there’s no real use for iPads in my life. That said, my fiancee absolutely adores hers and wouldn’t be without it. They’re amazing. Hands down the best tablets on the market. But they simply don’t fit into everyone’s life. I do miss it for reading and porn tho 😀 haha.

    • alextheukrainian

      If only free porn online was HD, iPad usage would go through the roof!

      • rattyuk

        iPad usage is not an issue according to the vast majority of metrics.

        • alextheukrainian

          I’m aware. That’s why I said it’d go through the roof. B/c it’s already so high. 🙂

          • I got you 🙂 lol. It was a bit of fun and the point was missed 🙂

  • gjgustav

    I have no problem with him getting rid of his iPad, but his tired assertion that iPads are consumption only devices is just plain wrong. There are several examples of iPads being useful work tools in many lines of work.

    • Absolutely … but it’s very limited for some kinds of work.

  • the Ugly Truth

    Kovach an AAPL lover? More like he loves to diss AAPL to get eyeballs. Henry and Steve like to play good cop and bad cop and role reversals.

    • rattyuk

      Worse he used a picture of someone else – the first Canadian purchaser to illustrate the article – he has since replaced it. The problem being is that although it was his opinion which he was perfectly entitled to he was giving the impression that someone else was actually doing it especially as it held the masthead spot on SAI for most of Sunday afternoon / evening and that photograph was pretty huge.

      • the Ugly Truth

        Yep…the sad part is that both him and the other slimebucket knows exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it…

        and there is nothing anyone can do about it…legalized spin.

  • Who cares? I mean really, why would I/you care what anyone else uses or stops using – or the reason they stopped using it?

    • quietstorms

      I don’t but this isn’t the first time that market/usage share numbers have been posted here. It’s only fair when it works against Apple.

      • The article has nothing to do with marketshare or usage stats, though.

  • alextheukrainian

    Retina iPad Mini – can’t. wait. That would be a perfect mix of quality (resolution) and weight. Right now, Mini is a little too heavy for me given the resolution – I usually opt for my rMBP or iPhone 5 instead.

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    Steve Kovach IS NOT an Apple lover. He’s a HUGE anti-Apple prick! Just go back over the articles he’s written. Btw I use my ipad almost exclusively over my imac and iPhone. Probably 60% ipad, 30% iPhone, 10% iMac.

    • mdelvecchio

      ditto. i only use my imac for hero gaming or the occasional graphic design.

  • jimbotomy

    I don’t think anyone has any problem with a person who figures out that an iPad isn’t for him. What I have a problem with is the link-baity headline and the assumption that anyone cares about a random stranger’s individual circumstance. It seems like all you need to get published in a high traffic website nowadays is to say why an Apple product doesn’t work for you.

  • JohnDoey

    My iPad has become my main PC, same way that my iPhone is my main phone. I use a Mac as an iPad accessory about half the time that I’m working. I can imagine getting a second iPad more than imagine selling my only iPad.

  • Odi Kosmatos

    I also sold my iPad, am fine with an iPhone and MacBook. But Kovach is no Apple lover, just a bullshit writer for the bullshit Business Insider site.

  • i haven’t sold my iPad but I have switched to using a MacBook Air as my “mobile” computer. MBA + iPhone = all i need.

  • Tom

    Please change the headline to “An Apple hater selling his iPad”.