Led Zeppelin: Communication Breakdown in 1969

How can you not love Zeppelin.

  • DreamyCSR

    This stuff never gets old.

  • and a not common arrangement, nice!

  • Alain Paradis

    Very nice. Cool to see a young Bonham. The smiles between them…

  • Moeskido

    They were one of the many bands I knew only by the few songs overplayed on FM radio, and I got sick of those.

    Took me awhile to come back and listen to their collected work, but I’m glad I did.

  • MysteriousRacerX

    That’s a great live performance, love the variations on the regular arrangement. Sorry, listened a couple of more times … I kind of need to swear: that’s fucking fantastic. 🙂

  • Iain1248

    Nice to be able to see Jimmy play. A video from before the time when producers had to change shot every 3 seconds

  • Finally hit me, the opening sounds almost like “Born to be Wild”. Page almost sneaks the actual opening of the song in.