Famous guitars

These are some great guitars played by some of the world’s best.

  • GadgetGav

    It would be nice if they actually said what the guitars were as well as the nice photos of them.

  • DocRoss

    It’s pretty cool to recognize the player by the guitar. I think I guessed a big majority of the players before seeing their names. Some of the Strats were harder to tell apart. Was that Eric’s or Buddy Holly’s?

  • Adrian

    I think it will be cool to see one of Jack White’s custom guitars up there one day.

  • MeanGreens

    There are of course many other iconic instruments used by legendary artists. May I suggest, Roger McGuinn’s Rickenbacker 12 string:


  • oldbean

    Not technically a guitar (or is it? I don’t even know), but for my money, you can’t beat a Mike Watt bass: http://mikewatt.com/flow/watt_1963_gibson_eb-3.jpg