The worst CNN article in a long time

You could almost go through this article line-by-line and pick it apart, but let me just grab a couple of sections.

First of all, the headline makes a statement: “Apple becoming a follower, not a leader,” but the story asks a question:

Instead of leading, will the company increasingly become a follower?

So right off the bat you have no idea what you’re talking about. The author of the article, Andrew Mayer, then asks:

So if thing are great then why should Apple be thinking about bigger screens?

Well, because innovative companies are always testing larger and smaller and wider and thinner screens to see what works best for its customers. It’s called R&D.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4, with its 5-inch screen, has become the fastest selling Android phone in history.

You’re kidding right? First of all, those are not sales to customers, but shipments to the sales channel. Samsung “shipped” 10 million phones in a month. Apple sold more than 5 million iPhones in three days. See the difference there Andrew? Funny you didn’t mention that.

Although Apple has modified its stance, it’s clear that the iPad mini is not quite the device we would have seen if Jobs was around today.

Oh Andrew, please explain what Steve Jobs would have done, please. As an “interactive design consultant” you must know exactly what Steve would have done. Enlighten us please.

In response, Apple is releasing a new version of its operating system in the fall.

No Andrew, Apple releases a new operating system this time every year. Even the slightest bit of research would have shown you that. You could have fallen on Google’s servers and that would have popped out.

The end of the article is where Andrew shows his true brilliance.

That still leaves us waiting for the next big thing. What Apple needs most are bold new ideas, not bigger iPhones or iPads.

Andrew, show me a company that doesn’t want “bold new ideas.” Can you think of any? No, me neither.

I don’t even want to link to it, but here it is.

  • Herding_sheep

    You really should stop linking to these sensational, link-baiting articles. All you’re doing is giving them traffic, which is ultimately their goal. The whole community of bloggers who do this sort of “stupidity dismantling” should all just stop linking to articles that are blatantly sensational or stupid.

    • There is no way that this is a troll article. At best, the writer is aware of the fact that it will get traffic. But a troll? Trolls, real get-under-your-skin drive-you-up-the-wall trolls, are aware that most of what they are writing is hyperbolic nonsense for the expressed intent of driving traffic, making a broader point, or simply pissing people off.

      Far too many of these miserable excretions and many like them are written by people who really believe, or have been led to believe that what they are writing is insightful and accurate.

      But the worst part is that these kind of idiocy is seeping into the real world. The most ridiculous tropes that have grown up around the New Apple of the last 10 years get repeated by sales staff, tech support and relatively savvy consumers in the real world. We are far past the point where willful ignorance and the dissemination thereof can be ignored, given the access to instantaneous communication mediums. As I was fond of pointing out in Usenet, it isn’t that you are trying to change the mind of a writer who is past the point of being convinced that he/she is wrong. The point is not to let these claims go unchallenged and hope that others will get another angle on the story, and maybe even enough information to realise that the story is erroneous if not flat out nonsense.

      • mdelvecchio


      • Spot on. I agree but the big problem is these sort of articles are no longer bloggers rather major news sources. That’s what I don’t like because it incorrectly shapes uninformed minds.

        • True. Perhaps if more of our commentary was emailed or otherwise directed to editors or owners, something would change.

  • The Real Carlos Danger

    C’mon, the URL for the link has opinion in it. Can someone no longer have an opinion that’s not bowing down and kissing the ring of Apple? Jim, you always make the point of saying what you really believe, so why doesn’t Mayer get extended that luxury? I am troubled by what I have seen within the last few weeks on the Apple-centric blogs as there seems to be a lot of overcompensating which I can only conclude is due to the less than spectacular earnings report (less than spectacular by Apple’s standards of course) and the whole developer hacking incident. I come to LI, DF,, Ars Technica, Macworld et. al because you all produce the Apple related content I want to read, but at the same time I expect a certain respect to be extended to these guys with different and sometimes misguided opinions.

    • nonsense. If you want your opinion respected, show there’s some actual thought behind it, not the usual assortment of canards and tropes.

      he wrote something stupid, it should be called that. Not all opinions are valid.

    • mdelvecchio

      why? because opinion is being presented as fact (either that or ignorance). LI and DF are clear on their opinions, and well-researched on their facts. hacks like Mayer are not…thus the mocking. and it’s deserved.

    • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. They are not entitled to their own facts. No matter how how sincere and committed one is to a belief, it doesn’t make that belief any more valid or accurate. And this goes for antivaxx idiots, Creationists, moon-landings-were-a-hoax halfwits and psychics.

      • I like how your comment was great, then you had to go and take your “beliefs/facts” and rub them in everyone’s face, thus making your comment not good and looking arrogant.

        • Moeskido

          Case in point.

        • If you believe have anything of substance on any one of those 4 topics that hasn’t already been thoroughly discredited, you go right ahead and post it.

          • I’m not fighting for whether those topic are right or wrong, but you throwing those on the end of your comment makes you look arrogant.

          • And therein lies the problem. It’s “arrogant” to assert what can be proved and dismiss what is nonsense. The mere fact that someone can articulate a position does not give said position any weight. Creationism will never be true no matter how many Bible quotes are bandied about. US astronauts landed on Earth’s moon multiple times and those that deny it hold an opinion not worthy of respect. Anti-vaccination conspiracy kooks base their position on discredited, flat out wrong information. Psychic powers are a myth and a psychic’s only special power is a pathological ability to prey on the emotionally vulnerable and the gullible.

            If refusing to treat gibberish with provisional respect so as not hurt anyone’s feelings makes me arrogant, count me as arrogant. With apologies to Bernard de Voto, “arrogance” is only the name men of weak nerves give to confidence.

  • You read it. You linked to it. Linkbait works.

    • Moeskido

      I’m curious. Were you compelled to click on that link?

  • I left a similar comment on another article here yesterday… The only thing more tiresome than the linkbait article written by some know-nothing windbag is the article that rebutts it graph-by-graph.

    Few people go to CNN for Apple-related news & commentary. But every Apple-related blog feels the need to tell us how stupid the article is and that we shouldn’t read it.

    There are sites I EXPECT and even WANT to see this sort of rebuttal/commentary on, but the Loop isn’t one of them. I’ve always believed you guys (Jim & Peter) to be above that here (though I fully expect to hear about it on Angry Mac Bastards Podcast).

    • rattyuk

      “Few people go to CNN for Apple-related news & commentary.”

      I fear that CNN / Fortune have excellent Apple coverage too.

  • Agarun Ilyaguyev

    These “news” organizations are becoming every negative thing they’ve previously accused internet blogs of doing (e.g. shoddy editorials, link-baiting/sensational headlines, inaccurate/out-of-context quotes, unresearched claims, etc..).

    If I were you, Jim, I wouldn’t even bother giving these morons the time of day.

  • Sarebolth

    Pure dogshit. I wouldnt even use it to wipe dogshit off my shoes.

  • Wow. What a painful clusterfuck of an article. Hard to get through without smacking your head against a wall.

  • The iPad mini is the essence of the Jobs lead Apple. It is slim, sleek, powerful, and smooth as butter. Hands down the best tablet of any size on the market, IMHO.

    The “Jobs would’ve” posts don’t seem to be coming to a halt any time soon.

  • Been a long time since I’ve visited CNN – and actually commented! The comment included ‘turd’. The system still seems to be chewing on that. And that’s a good thing.