More layoffs at BlackBerry

Not a big surprise, but I always feel bad for the workers. I hate seeing anyone lose their job, especially when it’s because a company is being mismanaged.

  • satcomer

    An old closed system is dying from a thousand (million now) paper cuts! Once Microsoft Servers started recognizing smart phones (from other vendors) on their own why should a company keep paying for a BlackBerry server?

  • Jim McPherson

    Mismanaged? If you took over Blackberry tomorrow, what would do you? Given the market I think any answer other than “shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders” is incorrect.

    • Domicinator

      Taking over Blackberry tomorrow would be too late. I would have liked to take over Blackberry right when they started not being the only game in town and made some changes at that point. They didn’t, and it screwed them. 6 years to recognize that the industry has moved on is way too long in the tech world.

  • Moeskido

    Bet the company could’ve saved a lot more money by trimming redundant executives instead.