Realmac has been making great apps for years; Ember is another great example of why they’re a successful company.

  • Pat

    As a user of LittleSnapper, I really can’t see a reason why I would upgrade. The only additional feature I can see is subscriptions which, personally, I have no interest in.

    Probably a great introduction to the Realmac product line for new users, but unless LittleSnapper breaks in a future release of OS X, I really don’t see a need for current users to upgrade.

    • Dan Counsell

      Hey Pat, honestly there is so much more to Ember than just the subscriptions feature. Every area has been polished and updated. There’s tonnes of new features within the app.

      On top of this we have some truly amazing features lined up in the coming months.

  • Frank Daniels

    Jim, I can’t agree with your sentiments. Although I had been a big fan of their software in the past, I feel they’ve stumbled recently with the style-over-substance “Clear” iPhone app and now Ember. Ember is overpriced for what it offers and it should have been discounted at launch as a way to appease LittleSnapper users looking to upgrade.

    • Dan Counsell

      Sorry to hear that. Ember is a professional app that has been in development for two years. Ee think it’s one of the most polished and complete apps available on the Mac and is priced to reflect this.

      Hope you’ll give Ember a chance at some point in the future.

  • Olaf

    I’m a long-time LittleSnapper user and I love it, so I bought Ember. Five Minutes later and I wished I’d spent my money for something with more substance, e.g. beer and steak. Ember misses a lot of tools that made LittleSnapper a great working tool.

    • Dan Counsell

      We have an aggressive update schedule planned for Ember. Today we’re launching 1.0.1 and we’re almost finished with 1.1 already.

      Stick with Ember, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the upcoming additions and features we’re rolling out.

  • Hearing comments like these is discouraging me from getting it, specially as a person who doesn’t have LittleSnapper. Then again, all these comments are from already-LittleSnapper-owners. @dan_counsell:disqus – should I hold my breath for a discount-at-launch?