Tablets, seasonality, and adoption cycles

The entire industry appears to be shifting away from that bi-annual schedule and to a more consumer friendly seasonal emphasis. This is evidenced by the slowing growth of both smartphones and tablets on a quarter-over-quarter basis according to some of the latest device shipment data. My conviction is not that we are seeing saturation but seasonality. There are other factors at play which I will get into.

Great stuff from Ben Bajarin, who’s predicting a big uptick in PC (and therefore Mac) sales soon.

  • The White Tiger

    My general rule of thumb is a new phone every two years, a tablet every three (still hanging onto my iPad 2, but I’m thinking of replacing it whenever the new one gets announced, depending on the features), and a computer every four.

    2009 MacBook Pro, your retirement draws near! I continue to hold out hope for a Retina MacBook Air next year.

  • I used to buy a new Mac about every 18-24 months. Back in the day, you almost had to because the speed/feature increase made it a no-brainer.

    But when I bought the original Mac Pro back in 2006, I didn’t imagine I would have it until the last days of 2012. Quite frankly, I could probably still be using it if I really wanted to.

    The low end is so much more than it used to be, and the high-end takes years for the average consumer to grow into. Apple’s quality of build, and technology’s slowed pace, have stretched the buying cycle out for most users.