Kickstarter-funded game goes belly up

This is kind of sad. Clearly lots of stuff going on behind the scenes though.

  • Blogger shitstorm assailing the fundamentals of Kickstarter in 3… 2… 1…

    • Oluseyi

      Doubtful. The fundamentals of Kickstarter are fine; backer expectations are simply being forced to evolve. Backers will become more skeptical—and rightly so—and seek indications of competence. Prior experience and track record will become more important, and fewer people will back initiatives by people who need to learn as they go.

      Personally, I’ve applied those principles to all the projects I’ve backed. Of the 8 Kickstarters I pitched in on, 7 were funded successfully, and 5 have delivered. The 6th, a book, has just gone to press; the 5th (in order of fulfillment), Crucial Detail’s Porthole, took nearly a year to deliver. The 7th is a video game, a category I don’t normally back. I’m only in for $35, so abject failure will only annoy me as much as a shitty used PS3 game.

      A more discerning backer audience is a Good Thing™: it will lead to more detailed, better planned Kickstarter projects. Failures like this are stepping stones to growth.

  • Jack

    I wonder if this would have happened if the Kickstarter raised exactly what they asked for instead of 3x what was needed. I feel like a lot of Kickstarters are victims of their own success.