Yes, the articles saying Apple is doomed are back, but Bryan Chaffin takes one to task for clearly not paying attention.

  • Great article. But I’m almost as tired of these ‘rebuttal’ articles as I am the original idiotic articles they’re commenting on.

    It’s getting to the point where the analyst/journalist articles are just so stupid and clueless, that the bloggers who respond to them are beginning to sound like fingernails on chalkboard… I’m not sure which is more painful to read.

    • I expect to read at least 3 articles each time reports run: The Loop, DF, and iMore. Never fails. 🙂

    • The Silver Fox

      It’s all about page views. People publish crappy articles trashing Apple, and then others respond. All this drives page views and advertising revenue for the sites.

  • George

    Truth is, the vast majority of Apple’s customers do not care (if they are even aware of) what any of these pundits or so-called money experts have to say. They may not even know who Cook is. Unlike a previous CEO at Apple (Spindler), Mr. Cook can take the heat, and knows exactly what he is doing. Those that do follow these silly Apple is doomed articles realize what a load of crap it all is.

  • GadgetGav

    Someone is seriously saying Apple is doomed based on word cloud analysis…??? I’m guessing they paid for some expensive software that can do it and once you’ve got a hammer, everything looks like a nail.