Fender releases Modern Player Series guitars and basses

You have to love these instruments. Take a look at the strat for $560—incredible.

  • Dennis Madrid

    Beautiful. It’s a shame there aren’t any left-handed models. I’d love a strat with a humbucking pickup.

  • fenderlover

    I picked up a “Classic Player” Sunburst Jaguar a few months back, on sale for $599 (down from $799) at Dave’s Guitar in LaCrosse WI. I’m in love with it. I was pleasantly surprised that there was no hum what-so-ever from the single coils (they must be potted, they sound like noiseless pups, but with the standard classic tone and a bit hotter). It’s mexican made, but built like a US or Japan model. Very well done. I run it thru a 1968 fender dual showman (silverface with silver grill trim, but still the original AB763 blackface circuit) with a single 1965 James B. Lansing (pre-JBL) 15″. All I have to do is plug it in, and I’ve got early Hendrix tone. I’m saving up for the Marshall Super 100jh.