Security researcher claims responsibility for Apple hack

Security researcher Ibrahim Balic said he meant no harm and reported the security hole to Apple. Nick Arnott also has a good story about this on iMore.

  • ibrahimidiot

    If he was only testing and reporting a security hole he discovered then there was no reason to dump details from 100,000 accounts. He’s either an idiot or trying to cover his tracks because he’s afraid of prosecution now. He deserves to have this backfire on him.

    • Brian M. Monroe

      I totally agree. This sounds just like that reporter that was found with child porn on his computer and trying to get out of being in trouble by claiming he was working on a book. It totally sounds like he knows that Apple’s awesome legal team will nail his ass to the wall.

  • Mother Hydra

    I saw his original comment- he claims Apple never got back to him and he only took Apple personnel details. This is pretty crazy.

    • lucascott

      He’s rather dumb if he thinks they would have. To respond could be seen as verification of the alleged flaw.

      And yes this reeks. Fortunately it appears that he only got email addresses from the server and not passwords or credit cards/bank info. Although it is ‘interesting’ that a phish email has been going out to developers claiming they need to update their accounts. Could this be what his real research was