Did you know Twitter will send you an archive of all your tweets?

Dave Mark sent this to me. This could be useful for a lot of people.


  • ericdano

    I sure the NSA has plenty of these walls they are looking at right now….

  • KvH

    Twitter announced this awhile ago but was rolling it out a few users at a time. I got mine a few months ago. It’s really pretty nice, comes as a set of html pages that break out month by month and also include a unified search. You could pretty much dump it on a website as is and have a very nice set of pages. data set is also easily searchable with bbedit or grep from the command line.

    • Box of Cotton Swabs

      Timehop does this with a “this day in history” approach (optionally along with Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Foursquare, etc).

  • Now if those idiots would only let us use the full website on our iOS devices.