Bruins prevent Bieber from stepping on logo

Canada’s Worst Villain played the TD Garden Saturday. After the Chicago Blackhawks fiasco, the Bruins were taking no chances that he might desecrate their logo.

  • E K

    Why would they put the logo on the floor if they dont want anyone stepping on it?

    • That’s like asking why autism causes vaccinations. Or is it the other way around? Pure stupidity.

      But at least not stepping on the the logo is tradition.

      • JohnDoey

        No, it is a perfectly legitimate question to ask why it is on the floor if you are not supposed to step on it. Why not simply place it on the wall? The barriers around the logo scream “bad design.”

        There is a universal tradition that is much bigger than hockey: if you don’t want people to step on something, don’t put it on the floor.

        And if it is tradition not to step on it, then hockey players and fans should be forgiving when people who are not familiar with the tradition step on it with no ill intent. Especially after you invite them in as a guest. Taking offense where none was intended is the definition of small-minded.

        And people looking for opportunities to elevate themselves above a successful person like Justin Bieber is also pretty weak. He’s a 20 year old singer, not a 50 year old diplomat. If you don’t like his work, you have plenty of other artists to spend your precious time on.

        • I apologize for being unclear: I don’t think the question is stupid. I think the tradition is stupid.

      • Moeskido

        There are plenty of people who aren’t hockey fans who’d need more context for this story. Calling them “stupid” sounds just a bit like some of the tech bloggers this site criticizes for presuming their use case(s) apply to the entire consumer population.

        • I wasn’t calling the question stupid, just the tradition. But I wasn’t clear.

    • Peter Cohen

      Hockey, like all sports and most human endeavors, has its own traditions. One of them is “don’t step on the fucking logo in the dressing room.”

  • Now my buddy, a jeweler who has done repair work on the Stanley Cup before, will be called in to sanitize, or exorcize, it. How could they allow such a desecration?

    • JohnDoey

      Like it hasn’t been left at the side of the road and abused in many ways by hockey players themselves. Notice your friend had to REPAIR it.