Daniel D’Addario for Salon:

But for a word that’s tossed around so frequently, its meaning seems to evaporate into air when grasped at. Trolling is bad. Trolling provokes a reaction, usually negative. Trolling is apparently quite easy to do. But, if only to better gird one’s own defenses against it — what is trolling?

We’ve all come across this on the Internet.

  • satcomer

    Trolls are in a word, evil!

  • mdelvecchio

    there are a few on this site…-1 now, tho. good riddance

  • “I think that it started with a pretty clear definition — which is somebody who goes into a place that shares a particular ideology and says something they don’t believe just to get a reaction,” said Sady Doyle.

    That’s about right and how I see it.