The Apple TV and iPhone as a gaming console

The best part is that the game is on your iPhone, so if you want to play at your friend’s house, you just connect to the Apple TV and play.

  • W/o a wrist strap, that’ll be a lot of phones blowing through TV screens.

    • Dennis Madrid

      Just use the new iPod Touch, it has a wrist strap. (One of the pictures on the site even shows one being used). Granted, that’s expensive for a controller, but if you already have one (or your kids do), it makes sense.

  • lucascott

    You have been able to do this playing on the TV for ages. Even before AirPlay mirroring games could have an AirPlay mode. And a controller mode etc.

    You could conceivably have a game playing on your iPad, AirPlay putting it on the TV and using your iPhone as a controller. So like a racing game the TV has the first person view, the iPad the track map and your iPhone is your wheel. In fact I believe that is how Real Racing 2 was set up. And with up to four people connecting together and the TV showing all 4 POV.

    All of this gets forgotten by folks yelling for Apple to build a game console or put out an App Store for the Apple TV

  • mdelvecchio

    or you could, you know, go play tennis, get some exercise…

  • Two gripes about the video.

    1. Nintendo Wii: $129.99 < iPod Touch (that has the wrist strap) $299

    2. They talk about the ability to take your games over to a friend’s house, but it looks like this is only a solution for single player games.

    • albertkinng

      This is pitch for Apple consumers that aleeady own Apple devices.

  • albertkinng

    My advice. Hurry up and register every damn technology you guys used to create this idea. Apple is working on the same and it will kill anything that looks the same.