Gibson Les Paul LPX

I’ll be honest with you, as the owner of several Les Paul guitars, I’m not quite sure what to think about this guitar.

  • Ash Doyle

    The first thing I thought of when seeing this guitar was the Gibson Nighthawk. This guitar doesn’t deserve the Les Paul name. Why does Gibson struggle so much to create successful new designs?

  • Paulo Clayton

    Um… yuck. All Gibson ever seems to come out with anymore is ridiculously high-priced stuff for collectors who have more money than sense and any actual musical ability, or weird gimmicky crap like this. What the heck?

  • BenRoethig

    That’s an abomination.

  • Winski

    That looks like a laptop built to look a little like a Les Paul… The pick-ups are all wrong, the tuning heads at the end of the neck don’t look like a Les Paul, and the colors don’t look genuine…

    I’d pass….

  • It probably does some cool stuff but then I thought about how prized a 50-year-old Les Paul is. Do you think people will be clamoring over these in 2063? I doubt it.

    • Sigivald

      Do working musicians care as much about “prized in 50 years” as they do about “not having to carry a stack of stuff around to get the sound they want”?

      It doesn’t seem like most of ’em do.

      • That’s a perfectly valid point. We’ll see what the market says.

  • BGC

    There’s two kind of musical instrument companies nowadays:

    A.) Tries to recreate the original sound of B.) instrument digitally. B.) Tries to recreate the digital gadgets of A.) in their instruments.

    Which of the two companies should stay true to it’s core competence and expand on craftsmanship & material selection rather than mimicking the other?