Now Samsung copies the iPad mini

Seriously, something has to be done with these clowns.

  • Moeskido

    There used to be a New York City police taskforce that was specifically deployed to target street vendors of knockoffs.

  • The site must be getting hammered—doesn’t load at all.

    • Hey Jim, it was down for awhile earlier today. It’s been back up since then.

  • Years ago we had the concept of the “marmite stripe”. A completely ridiculous design flaw we introduced so the client would have something to amend.

    The problem was, the client invariably liked it.

    So, I am not suggesting that apple should unveil a completely asinine design for idiots to copy.

    Oh no.

  • matthewmaurice

    This has got to drive Apple nuts, but it’s really a sign that Samsung has nothing. When your main product strategy seems to be look as much like the market leader as possible and then hope your customers don’t notice until the return period passes, you’re pretty much done in the marketplace.

    • I disagree. Samsung is simply employing a follower strategy, leaving the risk of innovation to the pioneer/first mover, which is Apple. They then bank on the fact that they don’t need necessarily have to compete with Apple for the same customer, playing the price card (and lying to their customers about who invented what).

      • Herding_sheep

        Except, Samsung DOES aggressively compete for the same customers. I take you haven’t seen Samsungs extensive “marketing” endeavors? When they can’t even make a single ad that doesn’t explicitly refer to Apple (on top of their massive “guerrilla” tactics), then they are very clearly competing for the same customer.

        In the long history of Apple followers, I don’t think we’ve seen anyone quite like Samsung. Even Microsoft, for all their Apple envy, still managed to lead in their own direction and contribute some of their own innovations into the industry that have been influential. Samsung on the other hand doesn’t even seem to have the slightest motivation to do that, they are laser focused on following industry trends (whether from Apple or not) like a turd stuck to a Poodles ass.

  • wow complaining about bezel width as copying? what’s next, “look! it’s white! just like the iPad!”

    • Of course one can complain about the bezel. Why didn’t Samsung think of this and market this before the iPad mini was released?

  • Rafa

    If a thinner bezel qualifies as copy, making a phone with a bigger screen should count as well.

  • paul

    It looks like a big galaxy s phone to me

    • Dave

      Which is to say, it looks like a big iPhone knockoff.

      • paul

        Which is to say it reminded me of a Samsung phone and nothing to do with a iPhone.

  • lucascott

    “Seriously, something has to be done with these clowns.”


  • Timmy

    The problem with the Samsung Tab 3 design is that in landscape, the user will probably unintentionally touch the Back or the Menu button.

    I couldn’t care less if they copy the thin side border design. The problem with Samsung is there isn’t much thought in the overall design. It’s like the on/off switch on my Samsung phone that is on the side; the button is frequently unintentionally pressed because my thumb rest there and there is not much resistance in the spring of the button.