Pro Tools PC

A PC built with the specific purpose of running Pro Tools. I can’t help thinking the new Mac Pro will eat this thing for lunch.

  • Mark Hall

    …can it run Logic Pro X?

  • Lukas

    Because having tons of graphics power is precisely what you need for Pro Tools?

  • Eat it’s lunch? Easily

    The latest (when it comes out) Xeon vs an overclocked i7 (is it even a Haswell generation i7?) is no match.

    The lack of obvious rack mountability isn’t such a great deal when up against a device that needs 5u of rackspace, with all the ports in the back of the rack. You probably could put more mac pros in the same rackspace with a simple shelf in the rack.

  • adrianoconnor

    It’s $2000. It also has PCIe slots for the HDX card that you’d probably want in a recording studio. And, ultimately, it’s just a custom PC built to do one job.

    As for whether the MacPro eats it for lunch, I don’t know. It’s a bit early to say, especially since we don’t know the price of the Mac Pro. However, I’m willing to go out on a limb here and say that the new MacPro will probably cost more than $2000. In fact, I expect the base configuration to be between $4K and $5K, assuming the base has two FireGL graphics cards (is that what they said?). Remember when you could BTO a big old MacPro with FireGL? Those cards were like $1000 each.

    Also, good luck fitting an HDX card in a MacPro. Not sure what pro audio Thunderbolt stuff is on the horizon, but I bet it’s still a few years out right now. Of course, one of those Thunderbolt-to-PCI-E docks that a few companies are talking about (mainly for graphics cards, but still) could quite possibly do the job…

    • albertkinng

      My friend, go to and read what they are working and where they’re going. Lighting bolt is the only thing you will ever need for the new era of ProTools HD plus a HDMI if you work on movie audio. BOTH are by default with the new Mac Pro.

      • adrianoconnor

        Hadn’t seen that they’d already got Thunderbolt options. That’s great stuff, and would indeed go very nicely indeed with a new MacPro 🙂

  • albertkinng

    Ok… I use Protools 10 on my Mac Mini and never had a problem. Is this is for real? When Mac Pro arrived I will bought it with my eyes close.

  • One interesting thing that they did is that it is a water cooled system.

  • JBrickley