Review: Logic Pro X

The day many professional audio engineers, musicians and music-making fans have been waiting for is here—Apple released Logic Pro X. I spent some time with the Logic Pro X team and have been using the software myself in my studio, so I’d like to give you a rundown of the important changes.

First of all, I should address the fears of many users. Rumors have circulated for a long time that Logic Pro was going to be discontinued or that it was going to be reincarnated as some sort of “GarageBand Pro.” Clearly, it hasn’t been discontinued, and I can tell you from my own experience, this is far from a GarageBand knockoff. This is the same professional digital audio workstation software that we’ve used for years, only better.

Logic Pro X still has all of the same professional-level features as its predecessor, but also adds some new high-end abilities. In addition, Apple has made the software more approachable to new users with features like Smart Controls (we’ll talk about this later), without taking away any ability for pros to dig down into the plug-ins, preferences or controls.

The Interface

Apple has made some significant changes to the interface of Logic Pro X, in both form and functionality. The biggest change you will notice when opening Logic Pro X is color—It’s gone from a light grey to black and darker grey. Personally, the color change suits me just fine—I found it easier to work with than the old color choices.

There are a number of other changes too. The buttons on the toolbar are more modern looking and some have a different colors when engaged, letting you know quickly if they are on or off.


The Library has also been moved from the right side of the interface to the left and toolbars that used to be at the bottom of the screen have been integrated into the top toolbar. Both smart changes for my workflow.

Track Stacks

Logic Pro X features a new type of track called Track Stacks. There are two types of Track Stacks available to the user. The first is a simple folder stack, which many of you will already be familiar with. The folder stack groups multiple tracks together, but does not sub-mix the tracks.

The new and more powerful Track Stack is the summing stack. This is going to be used a lot. A summing track sub-mixes all of the tracks in a stack to an Aux channel. You can use this stack to create layered or split instruments—for instance, you can have multiple Guitar Amp Designer tracks in one Track Stack—and you can use multi-timbral and/or multi-out software instrument setups.

One of the great things about the summing Track Stack is that it can be saved as a patch in the Sound Library. That means you can recall the patch, and all of your settings, any time you want.

Smart Controls

I didn’t know how much I would like Smart Controls because it’s a simpler way to shape the sound of a track. Typically, I like to adjust the parameters individually on my plug-ins, but Smart Controls have quickly become a favorite for fast and easy adjustments.

The basis for Smart Controls is that they allow the user to manipulate multiple plug-ins and parameters with a single move. For instance, adjusting a Smart Control parameter labeled “Bass” could adjust an EQ and Compressor at the same time to give you the desired sound. That’s pretty powerful.

Smart Controls2

Smart Controls are available for every patch in the Sound Library and you can create your own too. Each control can be mapped to multiple plug-ins and multiple parameters at the same time, giving you the ability to exactly control the sound. The controls can also be automated or assigned to external control surfaces.

The pro user still has access to the individual plug-ins and can make adjustments manually if you wish. In fact, if you right-click on one of the Smart Control knobs, it gives you the option to open the plug-ins associated with that control.

Smart Controls

This is a perfect example of what I meant by Logic Pro X being approachable, but still very powerful.


Now it’s time to get into some of the fun of Logic Pro X with an addition to the app called Drummer.

Drummer is more than an instrument, it’s a smart instrument that follows your direction on what types of grooves and fills to play. The app comes with 15 unique drummers, complete with their own kits and style of playing, so you’ll always have something unique for your song. The drummers come in four genres: rock, alternative, songwriter and R&B.


Apple used some of the best drummers in the world to record each individual drum hit in the studio. They also hired some of the top audio engineers, producers and mixers to mix and master the library. This includes multi-Grammy award winner, Bob Clearmountain.

As you can imagine, Drummer sounds amazing.

There are two types of drum kits available from the Library: the regular kit and the Producer kit. The regular drum kit is summed to a stereo track and is very easy to use. Everything is basically done for you—you plug it in and play.

The Producer kit is more powerful and gives you much more control over the tracks. Each kit piece has its own mic and can be altered individually. Each piece can also be recorded to a separate audio track where, of course, you can add your own plug-ins.


The Producer kits also give you the ability to change out kit pieces, adjust the mic bleed and other more advanced features that the regular kits don’t have.

I put together a video of Drummer so you could see and hear it for yourself.

Flex Pitch

It should be no big surprise to anyone that Apple has implemented Flex Pitch into Logic Pro X. This is a new feature that allows you to analyze and adjust the pitch of individual notes in an audio file.

Flex Pitch follows Flex Time, a feature that was released with the last version of Logic Pro that allowed you to manually or automatically adjust the timing of your audio files using transient markers.

Flex Pitch

After analyzing your audio file Flex Pitch gives you an easy way to see if the notes are in pitch or not. If the box is fully colored, then you’re okay, but if the box has some empty space, your note is flat or sharp. Grabbing the note and moving it will bring it into pitch.

There are also adjustment holders on each note box—one on each corner, and one on the top and bottom. Each give you different functionality to adjust the note. The six adjustment points allow you to manipulate Pitch Drift (on both sides), Fine Pitch, Formant Shift, Vibrato and Gain.

Pitch Drift

Flex Pitch also allows you to extract the MIDI from any monophonic audio and then have it played by any software or external MIDI instrument.

I used Flex Pitch on a guitar track and it worked great. I was able to adjust the pitch of one note in riff from “G” to “E” with no noticeable artifacts left behind.

Guitar, Bass and MIDI Plug-Ins

Yes, Logic Pro X now has MIDI Plug-ins. Apple included Arpeggiator and others, which is going to make a lot of musicians very happy. MIDI Plug-ins can be used with any of the instruments in Logic, any 3rd party Audio Units, or external hardware-based MIDI instruments. Up to 8 MIDI Plug-ins can be inserted on a single channel.

Bass players can also rejoice: Logic Pro X now includes Bass Amp Designer, a plug-in similar to Guitar Amp Designer, which was included in the last version of Logic Pro.


Seven new stompboxes have been added for guitar players including: Tie Die Delay (reverse delay), Tube Burner (tube style overdrive) Wham (pitch whammy pedal), Grit (classic distortion), Dr. Octave (sub octave enhancer) Flange Factory and a Graphic EQ.


Apple is also releasing MainStage 3 ($29.99) today, which adds compatibility with Track Stacks, but I didn’t get a chance to use that.

Logic Remote for iPad

Logic Pro X is now designed to work with the iPad via a free companion app called Logic Remote.

Logic Remote connects to Logic Pro X over Wi-Fi and is a powerful application for Logic users. While many iPad apps have limited functionality, Apple released its remote app with a wide range of functions.

With Logic Remote on your iPad you can record, mix and play instruments. You can navigate through Logic and make changes to your project from across the room.

This may end the days of me sitting in a chair across the room, listening to a mix and making notes about adjustments that need to be made. And then doing the same thing all over again.

Logic Remote is compatible with iPad 2 or later and iPad mini. It requires iOS 6 or later and Logic Pro X.

Other features

In addition to the features and design changes, Apple included more than 1,500 instrument and effect patches, 800 sampled instruments, 30 urban and electronic drum machines and 3600 Apple Loops in modern urban and electronic genres. Users can also download the legacy Sound Library a-la-carte if they need it.

Logic Pro X allows users to share directly to their SoundCloud account and includes support for the Media Browser, so media can be shared across applications.

In addition to Autosave functionality, Logic Pro now has the ability save “snapshots” of a project in different states as part of the project file.

Logic Pro X requires 4GB of RAM, a display with 1280 x 768 resolution or higher, OS X v10.8.4 or later and 64-bit Audio Units plug-ins. With Apple making the 64-bit transition years ago, most plug-in makers already have 64-bit versions of their plug-ins available.

Bottom line

Logic Pro X is the best music software release I’ve seen from Apple in a while. They added a lot of pro features, but at the same time managed to make the app more approachable—that’s a difficult thing to do.

Being a guitar player, I would liked to have seen some more attention on Amp Designer—I don’t use it much at all because I don’t like the amps much—but I can wait for the next release for that.

Overall, Logic Pro X is a great release and for $199, you can’t go wrong.

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  • CoreyTamas

    It’s been said many times, many ways, but…


    • Whatisthis

      I second That

  • Well … I’ll be …

  • Paul

    what about the sampler? hopefully updated the ancient esx24?

    • fractured

      I’m sure they would have mentioned it if they finally updated to EXS 32, or whatever they’ll call it.

      • Paul

        i’d hope its far more functional than the old one!

        • nope. even though they acqui-hired the developer of Redmatica, they have added zero features to EXS24. shucks.

    • EXS24 is still there.

    • TheRdungeon

      I agree, keen to hear about the sampler seeing as they acquired redmatica

  • CG

    But, but, skeumorphism!

    • Chris Licata

      OS 10.9 still has lots of it too. I bet os 11 will be the iOS7 of the mac

      • I don’t want to sound like a fanboy but I really can’t wait to see what they prepare for us in OS 11

        • samiare

          I wouldn’t hold your breath for OS 11. Presumably if it was coming any time soon they wouldn’t have made a big deal of saying that the new place naming scheme starting with Mavericks is supposed to carry them for the next ten or so releases of OS X.

          • Chris Licata

            No where in the keynote did they say the next ten versions of OS X, just the next 10 years

          • samiare

            Yeah, true, but doesn’t it seem strange that they’d make the naming change now if OS 11 was within the next few years? They could have come up with 2 or 3 more cats.

            Switching to 11 would have been a perfect time to go from cats to locations — a clean break. Why would 11 continue with the same naming scheme as X?

          • Chris Licata

            I think it is strange also. Whether or not is is OS 10.10 or 11, it think it will get iOS7ized

          • drx1

            As long as they keep the touch OS on the touch systems and the traditional OS on the traditional systems. Do you have ANY IDEA how many designers (for printer and web) would throw a gasket if people were (or they had to) constantly touch their screens???

          • Chris Licata

            I would imagine that OS 10.10/11 will retain its cursor and keyboard approach after seeing windows 8 flop. New UI could be refreshing after 11 years of aqua

          • drx1

            Yeah, but nobody wants an OS called, “House Cat” … or “Ally Cat” … or “Fat Cat” … or maybe they do? 0.o

          • schwabsauce

            I think it’s kind of unlikely that Apple will break with any of the foundational technology in OSX, and (therefore) also unlikely that they will rename it as OS 11. Switching to a new major version indicates that lots of things won’t be backwards compatible – making a sacrifice for the sake of some gain. But most of those compromises are in the rear view for Apple at this point.

          • Mel Gross

            Well, it would likely not be OS II. It would likely be OS X II.0

          • but Tim Cook announced last year that Apple would release a new version of OSX every year — changing Jobs’ plan to release new OS versions less frequently.

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  • BenRoethig

    This is surprising, but very welcome.

  • dunc

    So i have to give up on Sylenth. and Soundtoys. or stick with an outdated sequencer. shame they didnt offer some sort of improved version of there 32 bit bridge.

    • Ben Gareffa

      did they remove the 32 bit bridge?

    • Igor

      Sylenth1 does have x64 version 😉

      • DJ Nyce

        Sylenth1 does not have an x64 version for mac. i just downloaded the latest demo…32-bit only.

        • gjgustav

          Call them up and complain. They should have saw the writing on the wall years ago.

          • drx1

            Yeah, like 10 years ago when the G5s came out…

        • DD17

          After yrs of Lennar Digital’s Mac customers begging for a 64bit AU version of Sylenth…..not once did they reply (even though Windows had a 64 bit version).

          Oddly enough, not 2 days after Logic X was released, the makers of Sylenth posted a statement on their homepage saying that they’re now working on a 64 bit Mac version bc they RECENTLY had requests coming in for it. Lol! Says a lot…..basically they’ve been giving us the middle finger all these yrs. Don’t get me wrong. I’m very happy that we Mac users are finally getting what windows users have always had out of sylenth.

      • Whatisthis

        Sylenth1 has now 64bit support what WTF i’m mad

    • DJ Nyce

      dunc, some great 64 bit alternatives to Sylenth are Zebra, z3ta+, Massive, Spire, Saurus and Strobe.

      hopefully we’ll see a 64 bit sylenth in 2013. i’ve already started to phase out my 32 bit plugs. no showstoppers so far and i’ve found great alternatives for the rest.

      • Synapse Dune is pretty good too. Also the other stuff from u-He – DIVA is an absolute beautiful beast.

        • Dunc

          I’ve used most of those but they dont compare for me.

          I’ve used Logic Pro X for an hour or so this afternoon. Amazed they didn’t sort out the Plug In Menus so you could sort by compressor etc.

          The Flex Pitch doesn’t seem to detect the pitch that accurately, maybe just the loops I tried it with. It didn’t work on most of the bundled content i tried it with.

          The midi fx look ok but nothing that wasn’t already available if you knew the environment.

          So far so meh to be honest. I’d rather they’d sorted out some of the long standing issues… audio editing accuracy, plug in menus etc, rather than crowding the screen with well spaced fonts and vst drummers virtual back stories.

          I’ll need to learn it for work as i teach logic pro, but for time being i think i’ll be doing my own production in LP9.

          • Sylenth does seem to have its own niche. It does sound pretty good, although I’ve pretty much purged it from my system because LennarDigital’s support/updates has been so awful. He makes Apple look forthcoming for release details.

    • Soundtoy’s Native pack are 64-bit in beta, now, which is available if you’re a registered owner. They’re remarkably stable, too. They can pry decapitator out of my cold dead hard drive.

      Alas, stuff like Radiator and Devil-Loc aren’t yet.

    • Whatisthis

      Same predicament here

    • DJ Nyce

      just tried logic pro x w/plogue bidule in rewire. i can run 64 bit and 32 bit plugs at the same time. #bestofbothworlds

  • MXeditor

    Has the MIDI/Audio engine been replaced to make it sample-based? Logic still cannot reliably be given a time-based offset to make strings, for example, play in time at any tempo. Logic has been behind for years in that it is a tick-based engine. Set a tick-based offset that’s satisfactory at 110bpm, but if you have tempo changes, your offsets become useless. Other sequencers don’t have this problem.

    Also Logic can generate 23.976fps timecode, but cannot chase it (it thinks it’s 24fps). 75% of feature films post in 23.976fps these days.

    If Apple decided to add features without fixing some major underlying problems, I’d vote this version a miss. Seems like the only useful addition for music to picture is autosave.

    • MrE23

      This is super IMPORTANT! This is the only thing that keeps me from ditching Pro Tools. I see no mention of changing it to sample based, and it is YEARS over due.

    • Crispotron

      I agree with you on the sample-based offsets but there are some other features that make this an immediate buy for me as a film composer. Track folders in particular. I’m also interested in how the routing/mixing has been updated. Anything that means better organization for my sends and stems is a good thing in my books.

      As for 32 bit, I’m actually really glad to see it gone. The 32 bit bridge has been the least stable part of Logic for me and can be a huge PITA when mixed with 64 bit plugs as it messes up the delay compensation. SoundToys is the only 32bit holdover that I care about anymore anyway and they’re currently in Beta with their 64 bit versions so I can live with using VEP in the meantime.

  • anthony

    what’s wrong with exs24? It’s great and works perfectly well

  • DJ Nyce

    does logic pro x comes with a 32-bit bridge? also how does it fair opening logic 9 projects?

    • No, it’s 64-bit. It opens projects several versions back.

      • DJ Nyce

        i guess i’m going to have to kick Sylenth1 to the curb then 🙁

        • Shane Warne

          That’s good news then 🙂

    • Jesper Bekkering

      Opening Logic 9 projects has been a little buggy in my experience. Nothing they can’t fix, but slightly annoying. It’s an absolute DREAM for new stuff though.

    • Joesphj

      It opens projects all the way back to logic 5

  • Fritz123

    I am happy that I dont have to use such software. Well, I dont have to fake music for the industry. Music is life and computers are machines, no software update can change this.

    • Huxley

      Dude, unless you only perform live a capella, you use machines too. Guitars and drums are machines as are microphones and any number of other bits used to make music. You just have a different arbitrary cut off point for what is an acceptable machine.

    • CoreyTamas

      This is a bit like saying “I’m glad I don’t have to talk to anyone outside of my village” or “I’m glad I don’t have to add more than a few numbers at once” or “I’m glad I don’t want to know what’s going on in the world.”

      That’s all fine and well and nobody should say you can’t just pick up your violin and play for whomever is within earshot. But music is how the feelings in the heart get to someone’s ears, and when that’s successful there’s nothing “fake” about it.

      (I’ll also point out you’re posting your very “real” comment on a computer. If you were true to your philosophy, you’d be standing on a knoll and shouting it as loud as possible)

      • stormchild

        Aaand Corey wins the thread.

      • drx1

        Yes, but for now and probably for several years to come, computers are very, very, very stupid machines. I dont me to put computers down – actually it could be considered a compliment – that I’m saying there is any intellegence at all in any machine or computer… Hammers – in many respects can be better tools than computers – any day of the week, but it really depends on what you want to get down – or what you want to build – or what you want to smash.

        • CoreyTamas

          When you can manage a 48 track recording with a hammer, please be sure to use your hammer to then upload the Youtube video and show us how.

      • Fritz123

        Yes, but there is very little heart in a drum machine. I have played with normatisation etc for many years but I am suddenly more into faking a ringmodulator and making “noise” a la Arto Lindsay

        • CoreyTamas

          There is heart where you put heart. No instrument plays itself.

          Stop being so rigid. Focus on how the heart feels, not whether or not the instrument fits your pre-conceived ideas of “fake.”

          • Fritz123

            We are not very far from another, it was nothing but the drum computer that was. “fake”, sorry for the rest and best.

          • CoreyTamas

            If a drum machine in your hands has no spirit, that’s a reflection of you… not the technology.

          • Fritz123

            You are right, I dont have lot of experiences with such machines. I liked those Casios.

          • Fritz123

            And some very fast hip/hop/something under a bridge with reflections from the walls around performed by some kids. Sunshine explosion.

    • Boo-urns

      It’s only a tool, and just like a woodworking tool or anything elset he tool itself doesn’t dictate how you use it, you do. There is nothing wrong with DAW software, just like there’s nothing wrong with pitch correction plugins, if you use them as tools to enhance your creativity. If, however, you use them as a crutch to hide your lack of musical ability, that is another thing entirely.

      • drx1

        Tools do dictate how you use them. Form follows function and hammers are a very, very, very efficient and effective tool – for many things. Computers with the craptacular software (not saying Logic is crappy, but then maybe I am… though I dont know about the new stuff) may not be worth the silicone they are echted on.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        Well, I have a typical songwriter’s voice and singing (in)ability. And my singing is perhaps a shade better than my guitar and keyboard “talents.” For putting together a demo of my own tunes, I have to make (many) multiple takes to get anything halfway decent. I thank the gods for pitch correction. And since no one has to listen to my stuff but me (and my long-suffering family), who cares? Once I took a few on-line courses, I found Logic a very nice tool, with which I have wasted many happy hours. Can I justify another couple hundred for the latest version? Nope. So, I’ll buy it anyway. Maybe supporting Apple will keep them supporting the guys out there who really know what they are doing.

    • bioglassmusic

      aka .. “I don’t like trying new things. I have a narrow vision. Art it what only I think it is.” Dude you should try playing with ableton’s new Push controller as an instrument. Also computers help musicians create by giving them the help that maybe other people can’t due to location, lack of money or personality conflict.

    • Mugwomp

      You’re happy that you don’t record music? I’m happy that I do.

      Perhaps music just isn’t your thing, Fritz. Some people aren’t naturally creative…

    • Herding_sheep

      Talk about a complete lack of insight. A computer is a tool, just like a microphone is a tool to project a voice, or an amplifier is a tool to add a different sound to the standard guitar sound. A computer can be used as a tool to either aid music development, or it can also be used as a new form of musical instrument.

      If you think music is life, then you should understand that music is all about the creative process. A computer can help take a creative process to even higher heights when used properly.

    • zerobeat

      I am happy that I don’t have to eat such cooked food. Well, I don’t have to fake eat for the industry. Food is life and stoves are machines, no recipe update can change this.

    • Pag Canada

      Machines? I hate to tell you this, but a microphone is a motor. (Magnet through a coil). A motor is a machine. You are going to need this Microphone Machine to record to another type of machine….whether that’s analogue or digital. Are you a busker on a street corner that hopes to never be heard?

      • Fritz123

        Well, thanks. Whatever a microphone is, it does not sing. And whatever tool he uses, it is the cook who cooks. Ok, ok, I know which answers I will get, but you may also have goten my point. I have nothing against synthesizers etc but decisions of timing etc should be made by men.

        • hi-endian

          No, it’s heat that cooks; and a decision to use a sequencer is a decision make by men (and women)

          • Fritz123

            Sophism. The cook decides and there are good and bad decisions anyway. Yes, you can make sound with whatever machine you want, but I doubt that you can still call it music. It is more something like an event and we can decide that it shall happen or not. It may even sound good but it is not something I would call music.

          • hi-endian

            I was responding to his inane and circular logic with an obviously snarky comment.

            Thanks for illustrating my grave error by pointing out flaws in a shitty argument I never made about whether or not some arbitrary machine-made sound is music.

            Oh yeah, that’s called a “straw man.” I know big words too.

          • Fritz123

            There is a difference between decisions made be men and made by machines in drones too

          • Guest

            We are not anymore on IRC.

          • Fritz123

            For me it is just boring

          • hi-endian

            lol, fair enough.

    • stormchild


    • synthmeister

      My job and life revolve around music, but music is not my life. And computers are awesome tools to manage my life, job, family and music.

    • sky

      woah lets settle down there buddy. Theres plenty of bands that use midi in their recordings to replace instruments or add properties to make the song full, your so full of yourself i bet you make shit music…who are you to say people can’t create art because they compose music on a computer or with are clearly an imbecile and know nothing about the industry so shut your little mouth 🙂 also do you realize that effect’s processors like reverb and dynamic processors are considered to be software and machines? just food for thought before you shoot your mouth off again ^_^

      • Fritz123

        I am sorry, you did not get my point. I have nothing against technic, midikeyboards and everything included, all I dont agree with is the electronic drummer. This is “machive v. life” and I hope that you agtree than there is at least a difference between the two whatever you do. Did a session some days ago with a girl on drums and she asked me to give her some rythm with a guitar that I dont play and somehow I never dug better what Punk or whatever music is all about. And how to arrive very fast at some no wave jazz or whatever of the most elaborated kind on an instrument that you dont play. I just dont like perfection and think there is more music in men.

        • Fritz123

          To give you an extreme example, some of the best “Freejazz” I ever heard, from the courtyard of the Catholic Bishops in Berlin some sunny afternoon some years ago. A drummer with some mentaly handicapped people on piano or whatever. No computer could have done this. Beauty is sometimes hidden but also obvious. And the industry.

  • JPQ

    I heared there is also new synth any info about ? and is there still old ones like Logic ES2. i “upgrade” form older but if my friend also want it i want know this detail.

    • Still lists ES2, ES-M, ES-P, ES-E were all listed. There’s a new synth called “retro synth” which I would guess wouldn’t be compatible.

  • Shane Warne

    Thanks for the review.

    I have a few questions however.

    How much will it cost to upgrade from 9 to x?

    Any idea when the release date might be?

    Also, have they improved the midi / audio editing features? I.e. can you easily do triplet 16ths, polyrythms, tempo changes etc without all the annoying menu diving and tricks of 9? Is chopping audio also any faster / easier than 9?


    • ..

      AFAIK there is no discount for existing logic 9 users; it’s $199 for everyone. It’s up on the Appstore right now.

      • Jacqui Damore

        man.. wish there was an upgrade price for current users!!!

        • Paul Gillibrand

          If you bought Logic Pro 9 very recently then you may be in luck. I only got it a couple of weeks back. Contacted Apple today (via support chat) and they agreed to refund the cost of Logic Pro 9 so that I could buy Logic Pro X instead. This was a “one off” and not part of their regular policy but could be worth a try.

        • mediumsizedrob

          I’d love that too, but considering it’s already priced at half (or even less) than its competition, it’s hard to complain much about the price.

          • Jacqui Damore

            Yeah its just I have been with Logic Pro since the beginning. Crazy how much it use to be compared to now!!! But I’ll just have to cough up the $200.

    • zerobeat

      Apple has reduced the price to US$200 [used to be $500, and before that $1000!). Therefore, there is no upgrade path. You just buy the new version like new. It is released today.

      • Shane Warne

        Cheers for the reply man.

        I have one more question!

        Can you use it on more than 1 computer? (like 9 allowed you to do). Or do you have to pay $199 for each computer? Can’t seem to find any info on the apple site about this!

  • Stefan

    Nice review. It’d be great if you could do one for Mainstage 3 as well!

  • Adam Q

    Did they update the Piano Roll by any chance? The current one sucks and it’s a pain in the ass going into Hyper Editor to change the MIDI note velocities.

    • Seth

      Not sure if it has been updated in X, but in Logic 9 you can just select the velocity tool from the tool menu inside the Piano Roll editor to adjust velocities. Pretty simple.

      • a_dg

        Or hold Command and Control and drag up and down on the notes. Even simpler!

        • Holy crap I’ve been using Logic for YEARS and I never saw that before. THANK YOU.

          • Jeff Cross

            There’s now a velocity slider as well for editing individual or multiple selected notes. Scale quantize allows you to force selected notes into a specific scale. You can use this to create melodic variations very quickly. Or change your Cmaj performance to Cmin.

    • Crispotron

      Or you can display the controller lane below the piano roll – it defaults to velocity and you can just grab the little handles and drag them up and down.

  • syd

    just had to buy the Logic 9 app a few weeks ago because my boxed version wouldn’t load on my new Macbook… there ANY upgrade offered at all?….I am assuming not now that it is an app. crap.

    • 11thIndian

      Contact Apple. Who knows- if you bought it recently they may help you out.

    • jamiek88

      Contact Apple, they are usually pretty good about stuff like that and do actually respond to email.

      They helped me out with Final Cut Pro X.

      Each situation is different but can’t hurt to ask especially if it was a few weeks ago, i.e., within a month.

    • MrE23

      Request a refund through the App Store?

    • zerobeat

      Apple has reduced the price of LogicPro to US$200 [used to be $500, and before that $1000!). Therefore, there is no upgrade path.

      • Mother Hydra

        Exactly. Given the current trajectory I wouldn’t be shocked to see future versions of logic break the sub 200$ barrier much like Aperture. This pricing is a big win for musicians.

    • Paul Gillibrand

      I bought Logic Pro 9 two weeks ago. Contacted Apple (via support chat) today and they agreed to refund it so that I could buy X instead. So definitely worth a try. Good luck!

    • KidCharlamagne

      they’ll refund you,

  • Nick

    It looks like Garageband…..sticking with Logic 9 thanks…..

    • GearHoppa

      Ha ha for now but eventually you WILL join the dark side. 🙂

    • gjgustav

      Did you even read the review?

      • Nick

        Yes I did read the review. I use Logic as a professional songwriter and producer. I don’t want something that looks like a toy. I hardly use any of the Logic host plugins….I don’t want a session drummer called Nikki with a back story about her life as a DJ…..I want an intuitive workflow, a professional looking interface and the ability to use 64 bit AND 32 bit if I want. I want more options to let me choose how I want to work, not have options taken away from me. If it costs £140….it probably means you get what you pay for. You go for it and have fun!

        • gjgustav

          Sorry; “looks like GarageBand” is a flippant remark that indicates you didn’t give it a fair shake.

          And “I want a professional looking interface” reminds me of the DOS/Mac wars of old. They falsely equated friendly UI with unprofessional.

          But hey, if you’ve tried this version and can’t work with it as well as 9, then who am I to tell you otherwise?

        • mdelvecchio

          “looks like a toy” oh, look! the original anti-Mac argument “It’s a toy!” reused for imac, iphone, ipad, etc…

          toys, everywhere!

    • Mugwomp

      Logic 9 looks more like GB than X does.

      Enjoy your older, less powerful version!

    • MrE23

      Yeah, screw this dumbed-down Garageband Pro! Harumph harumph.


    • zerobeat

      If only somebody would write a comprehensive review instead of just posting screenshots.

    • eyerhyme

      Do you still stick with Floppy Disks too Nick? You haven’t even used the software and ALREADY you’re in the know by looking at some screen shots. Oh and you’re a pro songwriter/producer yet you wanna complain about the “drummer” feature…. funny as a I would of imagined a songwriter quite liking this feature. 64 and 32 bit? WHY?! Did you want to run “pong” on this as well? Intuitive workflow? Well isn’t that what simplicity is about ON THE SURFACE to help the new user or to get something done quick? And then have the ability to THEN GO DEEPER?! I think you’re far from a songwriter producer as I see SO MUCH potential here especially with the iPad control. Something I’ve been doing for the last year in my studio. This new Logic is AWESOME!

  • Mark Hall

    I’m very happy, apart from no 32-bit bridge because my favorite soft-synth still has no 64-bit version (impOSCar2). Hopefully they’ll get on it…

  • StephenTrask

    Why would anyone change EXS24? It’s a great. sounds great – fantastic interface. It’s super easy to manipulate audio in it and to design new players. I don’t mind that it isn’t multi-timbral.

    • Mark Hall

      Or that it can’t handle 32-bit samples?

      • StephenTrask

        Well, that would be a nice improvement but I haven’t run into the need for it yet. But I like that it isn’t Kontakt or one of the other multi-timbral samplers. I have those already.

  • true songs

    How does it handle multiple cores?

    • synthmeister

      Logic has been multi-core, 64 bit for years.

  • Glenn Tommey

    Have they made the ‘Comping’ function an option or is it still as annoying as before?

  • bioglassmusic

    DAMN YOU APPLE! I will wait… going to buy the Sub Phatty first. SelfControl is my middle name. …but its sooooooo tempting.

  • sdfalk

    I’ve got a few people owing me money suggesting Apple had dumped the pro market..PAY UP!

  • albertkinng

    I’ve been using protools for almost 15 years and for the first time I am attracted to this new Logic version. Can someone tell me if it’s worth the change from PT or trying this new tool will be a nightmare in a professional perspective?

    • PB

      It’s like switching from a BMW to a Volvo 😉 Once you made the switch, you never wanna go back…

      • albertkinng

        for me a BMW is better than a Volvo are you saying a Volvo is better? or are you saying is way better staying with Protools if I want to have a great producing experience?

        • yakobe


    • MrE23

      Demo it thoroughly first. The point made above about Logic being tick-based rather than sample-based makes it really tedious for fine-grain audio editing that isn’t related to a beat, compared to Pro Tools (this may be adaptable, but for me it has been the reason I keep returning to Pro Tools for radio voiceover editing). If you don’t have to do a lot of that and mainly track and mix music it could be an easy switch.

      • albertkinng

        ‘Nuff Said. I work most of the time in radio voice over, advertisement editing and production and sometimes jingles and parodies (full music bed in one track don’t create music FYI) so yep… I will stay on Protools then, Logic seems more for musicians then…

      • albertkinng

        I do radio-related work so, basically Logic is more for musicians then. thx

        • MrE23

          I am going to try this version out and see if I can adapt to it, because I hate getting screwed by Avid every few years on very expensive software and hardware upgrades that are compulsory if you merely update your OS. I like Logic a lot except for fine-grain audio editing on the timeline, but maybe I just need to learn it better.

    • synthmeister

      For $200? That’s the price of a ProTools dongle or bumper sticker. I don’t see how you can lose on that investment.

      • albertkinng

        I got a lot of money invested in Protools already. I’m asking if LPX will be a best experience and more productive tool than Protools right now. Does it worth the change?

  • StyleCramp

    I think that after 3 plus years, other DAWs have left Logic behind in many areas, and I personally know of many who have already abandoned ship. This release seems to basically catch up to Cubase 6 to me…folder tracks, pitch correction and other workflow enhancements feel like Logic Pro has fast-forwarded to 2011 at best here. Having said this, I do like the innovative way Drummer is implemented…others may follow much to the chagrin of 3rd parties such as Toontrack.

  • Chris

    I have a question!

    If you open up a logic 9 project with logic X and you have used logic instruemtns like the ESX24 etc in your logic 9 project… how would that open/appear in logic x if they have gotten rid of all the original logic instruments?

  • itsgene

    Is Soundtrack Pro officially dead? It was perfect for the kinds of audio work I need to do with video projects. I’m not a pro audio engineer so it fit the bill; I’m kind of terrified at the thought of needing to move to something like this because the app I used for years is no longer available…

    • synthmeister

      I believe Soundtrack Pro was simply rolled into Final Cut years ago.

  • james

    can you still keep logic 9 along with X?

    • JimGramze

      Yes. I installed X and 9 is still there and fully functional.

  • hEgelia

    I just bought Logic 9 a few weeks ago, so Apple please offer an upgrade path for recent purchasers of Logic! I really want to upgrade to Logic X, so I can learn the new interface instead of the old.

    • Adamski

      May want to call and check on their upgrade policy because I’m fairly sure that if you were to purchase a MBP and within 30 days if a new one came out then you can swap. If you contact  and give them your receipt number they should be able to assist. However, I am just guessing.

      • hEgelia

        Thanks for your advice. I just contacted the Apple Support website, so hopefully they can offer me something when they call me back.

        • The Apple Support website is useless for this. Just call them on the phone.

          • Forgetful Orange

            I’ve got money back from Apps I didn’t like within 24 hours just using the website

  • Kael Alden

    How is it working with video? PLEEEEEEEAAASE tell me they finally fixed the “bounce to movie” 64 bit issue!!! Been waiting years for that alone.

  • Ok Review

    The single piece of information I’d be interested in before purchasing is wether or not the program sits there and pegs a single CPU core or finally has true multithreaded performance that doesn’t require any userland gimmicks in order to spread the load across multiple cores.

  • zerobeat

    I was hoping for 32bit Float support (playback and bouncing, not just Freeze Files which still retains that), but the LogicX manual says it only goes to 24bit. 32bit Float is great when you bounce a mix to be mastered later.

    • StyleCramp

      Agreed zerobeat, 32 bit float is fundamental now.

  • mattie1211

    Am I the ONLY ONE who is UPSET that I’ve ALREADY SPENT $199 on Logic Pro and will have to pay an ADDITIONAL $199 to get Pro X?!?! Why can’t I just download it as an update? I ALREADY SPENT MONEY!

    • Mother Hydra

      I’ll try and answer these in order. Yes. Because Apple says so. So what.

      You’ve clearly already made your mind up here, so the best thing to do is go onto a blog and caterwaul about it- because it somehow relates to making or working with music? Your logic sir, it defies the Internets.

  • zerobeat

    Phew, we get a temporary reprieve from the idiots who were claiming with varying degrees of “certainty” that Apple has abandoned Logic. They were just reading their own fartclouds.

    • Mother Hydra

      my thoughts exactly. Then I remembered about Aperture, so expect it to be the next product “Apple is abandoning because they aren’t serious about pros anymore”

  • Ryan Eibling

    The most important thing to me: can it be installed alongside Logic 9 without breaking it? Since it’s a separate product on the App Store I’d guess that it can, but it would be nice to have a confirmation. I’d rather not have 9 broken or overwritten and then discover my most important plugins don’t work in X.

    • JimGramze

      9 is untouched by X. I now have both and can run either.

  • Russ D

    because that’s what I think when I fire up Logic9. “Why no autotune…” I am putting that in the bug category

  • Sheba

    People said “looks like GB” like there’s something wrong about that, i love that looks like GB…..

    • Turn off the instrument icons in the track headers, it doesn’t look so much like GB anymore anyway, just a darker Logic.

  • jameskatt

    Yes. So cheap it is a no-brainer.

  • mediumsizedrob

    very small complaint, but I’m sad to see it still has those stupid instrument icons on the tracks. man those look bad. either way I’m more upset at myself for checking apple news this morning.. been stuck at work dying to get home and try it out!

    • Jeff

      You can choose to display the instrument icons on the track headers and mixer.

  • grotmx

    But what about the bugs? Have they fixed the damn bugs? You know, the playback stop and error message when Logic isn’t quite ready; sample editor opening the wrong sample; freeze when switching on Flex on a audio you dragged in; all your midi controller assignments disappearing. Does this new version feel quick or clunky? I like Logic 9, just wish it would work better.

  • nametaken

    RE: drum video, choose hi-hat with a supped up tempo.

  • smakus

    Question: Can you use midi to control the new drum designer?

    • Jeff

      Drum Kit Designer can have parameters automated like any plug-in. Drummer tracks are region-based. You can cut up a performance into several regions and change the performance settings for each region, even a small one.

  • Any word on WaveBurner? I assume they dumped it, but is there any decent CD burning support built in beyond “burn track to CD?” Presonus StudioOne has a pretty great “project view” that lets you arrange multiple songs, auto-bounce them, master-in place and burn to CD…I’m surprised Apple hasn’t tried something like that yet.

    • Guest

      What about Logic’s Sloppy midi clock?, are there improvements to control external midi devices?

  • Atari Timing

    What about Logic’s Sloppy midi clock??, are there improvements to control external midi devices??

  • What do MIDI plugins do? Aside from Arpeggiator, could not tell?

    • There’s one that allows you to assign an LFO or Envelope to a continuous controller, and there’s another that allows you to write javascript to transform midi input.

      I think there’s a chord-assignment one – you press one key, it plays a whole chord, and one that does something with velocity ranges.

      Basically it’s all input transformation stuff.

      • Thanks! Since there is a MIDI guitar somewhere in my future, I can see the javascript & velocity range plugins could be fun.

  • drx1

    Is this the first time in a decade Apple did not try to kill and/or maime its pro users with a craptactular redheaded step child release of aweful “pro” software than was more consumer than prosumer? I mean we had the XRAID, but that was replaced by an enterprise product (I know enterprise is different that pro content creation software, but they also go hand in hand)… but then there was all those issues with Final Cut “Pro” and Apple killed the Xserve and the Pro Towers were long neglected. It is ironic most people did not want to invest in Apple systems/hardware and/or software, because they thought the company would probably not be around in 5 years (say 10 years ago) …. but the ironic thing is Apple is trying (or was?) to kill his pro and prosumer and enterprise (low end enterprise mind you, but it could run some circles around higher end things – depending – but I digress) … Apple was trying to kill his pro/prosumer/enterprise markets because iOS took off like a rocket and those pathetically small markets (pro/enterprise/etc…) were not worth any trouble – even though Apple had a large customer base (for that market) and were making money off said market(s)… I do blame the lack of focuse on Jobs … or his underlings – since the decline started a long time ago. It is sad really, but I guess Apple ceeded this so Microsoft would not get too worried… I mean Microsoft mobile strategy is about as smart as an ameba and nearly as directlion less (or maybe its trying to hit all directions at once?).

  • Daw King

    I am glad I bought Cubase 7 which has way more features. Logic X maybe for some but if you are like me who owns melodyne which Flex pitch is trying to emulate, and Kontakt, BFD or addictive drums vs Logics drummer, i see no reason to upgrade. I guess less is more, I would rather have more the previous logic pro boxed versions you received much more including mainstage, soundtrack pro, compressor and the mastering software. I will keep my Logic 9, and Cubase 7. I am not knocking Logic X but I dont feel it has enough to offer me, when I have the other software that does the same thing and more, but about time Apple that was a long wait.

    • Marcus Bointon

      That’s reasonable since you have already invested that way, but for a new user, or just one that doesn’t have many extra plugins, it’s a total bargain; Logic Pro X is less than a third of the price of Melodyne (Studio) alone.

    • synthmeister

      No reason you couldn’t use melodyne, Kontakt, BFD and addictive drums in Logic X.

  • stormchild

    The Logic Remote app for iPad is amazing. I thought it would just have transport and mixer controls, and was expecting a bit of latency, but it also lets you play the instruments (and a lot more), and it’s surprisingly responsive. The latency is low enough that it feels like it’s wired. It brings all the great touch instrument interfaces from GarageBand to Logic Pro.

    MIDI plugins are a really nice new feature too. These features were previously buried in the Environment (making them rather inconvenient to set up and use), so I would guess that most people never discovered them. Now you can add them directly into channel strips. They have really nice interfaces, and most of them have new features too.

    They also added a new MIDI plugin that I never would have expected — Scripter — which lets you write JavaScript to do whatever you want with MIDI. Really cool idea. It just gives you a text window, with an area for typing in code, and an interactive console for debugging.

    Super impressed with Logic Pro X. Without taking anything away, Apple has added tons of new features, and done another pass of much-needed cleanup on the UI. Major upgrades of Logic tend to be a little shaky (7 was the worst; 8 and 9 were pretty decent), but it’s been stable and solid so far.

  • Marcus Bointon

    I see it has multi-take support in MIDI – but does that mean it can do quick-swipe comping with MIDI tracks? I keep trying to do that in 9, but it’s only there for audio.



    • marcoselmalo


  • Dj

    Will it look better on retina display?

    • Jeff

      Most of the app is Retina resolution, including new plug-ins.

  • francis

    This is why I hate the APP store. I started with Logic Notator 2.5 and upgraded all of Emagic’s and Apple’s versions of Logic up to 9. Now, I have to pay the same price as people who are buying it for the first time. Thanks, apple.

  • Nikolozi

    Is it optimised for retina displays?

    • Jeff


      • Nikolozi

        Nice! Including all the old plug-ins like EXS24, Channel EQ etc?

        • Jeff

          No, only new plug-ins: Vintage B3 Organ, Vintage Clav, Vintage Electric Piano, Retro Synth and all MIDI plug-ins.

          The environment is partially Retina ready, but everything else appears to be.

          • Nikolozi

            Thanks, good to know. Hopefully Apple will refresh the look and feel of those older plug-ins in v9.1 or something.

          • Ah

            I wouldn’t count on it. It’s either in a company’s philosophy or it isn’t — I can’t see a company that cared about those kinds of details go ahead and release it without. Who knows though, they now have an extra four years to the next update 🙂

  • Felipe Pacheco

    os Os sceens da interface são bonitos ,uso o ableton mais estou pensando seriamente em mudar pro logic …. ta faltando o plugin de glitch

  • F’Dumptch

    Probably slightly OT, but . . . I wonder what Apple are going to do with the Redmatica tech they bought?

    I didn’t notice any features related in Logic Pro X.

  • tizzy

    Yes! finally. Been using logic since I copied logic 7 express onto my iPod at the Apple store.

  • Mac

    it’s going to be nuts, has everything I wish 9 had. awesome! Ableton is not going to be so special anymore

    • Ah

      That’s funny, I was just thinking how much cheaper it looks compared to Ableton. I love how they stopped halfway and didn’t bother updating the design of the plugins — Ultrabeat looks particularly out of place. Track Stacks are cool, but that’s just Ableton Racks with less control.

  • mz

    While knobs look cool, they’re really not the best UX when you can’t actually twirl them between your fingers. And the other tiny UI elements, where you can’t tell if they’re editable or draggable or manipulatable until you click and click again? They might look cool, but they’re bad UX.

    • Audio apps are where skeumorphism has always run rampant and the stupid knob controls are the poster child of a bad skeumorph analog. This has been noted at least since the nineties, yet never seem to go away.

  • Guest

    Does it come with a 32 bit audio engine as well for 3rd party AUs? Otherwise ill loose on some of the old sounds if i upgrade.

    • No. 64-bit AUs only. No 32-bit bridge.

  • MistAzo

    I’ve been waiting for 4 years for nothing but the new garage bandish look……big disappointment in LPX

    • So you missed the part where everything was new? Lol, read the article, watch the vids…otherwise you probably don’t really use logic 🙂 this isn’t FCPX all over again, but if troll has a metaphor…

  • filmTones

    Can you reorder tracks directly in the mix window without having to create the tracks in the arrange window first and reorder them there? Can user created Transform sets load with each project instead of having to import them?

  • gabriel

    i hate that it does not aloud me to use my 32 bit plugins because i got so many and if i have to update everyone of them it will be over 2000 $ for me just to use it ,so i paid for it but i can’t use it i hope that they fix that in an update also the drummer thing its cool but it needs more drummers and i was hoping for a good guirat plugin etc i feel that it only when up about 25 % i loose more by loosing my 32 bit plugins that i gained on logic x

    • Man, what plugins are you using that aren’t providing free 64-bit updates? I’m a plugin hoarder and I’ve spent a whopping $50 on updates so far.

      • I’ve just been too lazy to search lol. I’ll just be using both versions here on lol “once I buy the new one in a few months”

  • nych


  • Zing

    Anyone running Logic X in Mavericks? I have an issue with the transport and mixer section on Logic Remote not working. several of the other features work fine, but alas, not the part I really need to use!

  • Ryan Eibling

    For anyone else who’s wondering about plugin compatibility: Superior Drummer 2, EZMix, Guitar Rig 4 and the JJP suite all work in Logic Pro X. I had to run the most recent Superior Drummer installer before it could find that one, otherwise no issues.

  • synthmeister

    Does the virtual drummer automatically adapt to the time signature? I.e., will it automatically play in 12/8 or 5/4 with a natural sounding groove? And does it understand the difference between shuffle 1/8th notes or shuffle 1/16ths?

  • Jim Sellers

    I purchased a box version for $500 probably the day before they put LPX on the App store for $200. I’m still waiting for my $300 refund. The bottom line is, as I see it, if you are looking for a pro DAW for the Mac and don’t need to work with other studios (who generally use ProTools), this is the obvious choice. But as a user of LP9 and still hurting over my $300 loss, at what point is it worthwhile to spend the extra $200? As I see it there aren’t enough improvements here to make that leap.

    • To be honest, I don’t think you need to. I love LP9 and will buy this for my next official album, but I don’t see myself fully upgrading since I have a ton of 32bit plugins. So I see a future of me going back and forth between the two based on what I’m working on. Stick with LP9 for a year or two. Once you’ve made your money back via projects, then go ahead and buy this, until then, no need 🙂

      • Jim Sellers

        I also failed to mention my $1,000 Firewire AD/DA and $300 external drive that are also now useless on the new Mac Pro, but alas, the future marches on.

        • Why is the drive useless?

          Also, I don’t plan on replacing my old system, I just plan on growing my work workflow.

  • Cary Schroeder

    I’m a hobbyest guitarist. Haven’t played in a while, but that drum program I have to play with. I’m buying it next pay check. To me apple is still cooler, funner and easier than any other computer company. I can do all that stuff with the drums just by watching that 17 minute video.

  • Darkjet

    For anyone doing electronic music it totally sucks that your 32 bit plugins will not work. I am along time Logic user and they have changed so many things for the worse. It is Garage Band Pro.

  • Erik

    Why does Apple hate Film Composers?

  • Kurt Wurst

    Still no MIDI region bin?

  • Foggy

    Where is all the Key Map Pro stuff Apple bought from Redmatica??????????????

  • chrism2671

    It’s a real shame they didn’t re-skin the old synths; they are horrible to use and I’m forever squinting to adjust them.

  • Reeceo

    my mic was recording but i think my kids touched something and it stop record on logic but it recoeds on pro tools

  • Have you tried to use Addictive Drums in LPX yet? I’ve done everything suggested by XLN techs and even though I can see AD checked off in Audio Mgr and I’ve rescanned, AD will not show up in the Inspector in the Audio FX slot in a Software track. I know it has to run in 64 bit but the darn thing will not show up in an LPX project. Anyone else having trouble and did you get it solved?

    Cheers, Cool Crow

  • Donald Haney

    I got it when it was first released, and has been worth every dime and more since then

  • EdgarRothermich

    If you want to learn the new Logic Pro X, then I have the perfect tool. I’m a self-published author and have released a manual for Logic Pro X in my “Graphically Enhanced Manuals” series. “Logic Pro X – How it Works”.

    The manual is available as pdf file, printed book on Amazon, and interactive iBook on Apple’ iBook Store. Other manuals are for GarageBand X, GarageBand for iPad, Logic Remote, Final Cut Pro X, etc.

    Check out these unique manuals at


    Edgar Rothermich

  • darknesscrown

    Logic Pro X continues to disappoint. Syncing sucks. It may be great if you’re a musician that just needs a DAW to record in, but some of us need to do other things than record audio. MIDI sync with Pro Tools has been basically fine, but sync to SMPTE was horrific. I don’t know how Apple managed to ruin what used to be an awesome application, but they did. Rushing things, maybe? Maybe, before trying to pack tons of new features into the DAW to appeal to more novice clientele (nothing wrong with that, by the way), they make sure their actual PRO features remain functional and non-buggy. It was utterly absurd how buggy X was. I reverted back to 9. I don’t use Logic for recording audio, Pro Tools is the industry standard for a reason, however, Logic historically has destroyed PT in sequencing ability. Apple needs to fix the bugs. Note: I stopped using X on version I think…haven’t touched it since.

  • EdgarRothermich

    Free Logic Automation Book: I made the complete Automation chapter of my upcoming book “Logic Pro X – The Details” available as a free pdf download on my website The new book won’t be out until the end of the year, so I decided to make that chapter already available in the meantime to the Logic community as a mini book – for free: Logic Pro X – Automation”

    This is a 70+ pages manual that covers everything that is to know about Automation in Logic Pro X. Written in the same style as my other books in my “Graphically Enhanced Manuals” series, illustrated with rich graphics and diagrams that make the subject easy to understand. The interactive multi-touch iBook version will also be available for free on the Apple iBookstore shortly.

    Enjoy Edgar Rothermich

  • BF Deal

    Logic Pro X is not logical. Icon menus-took me soooo long to find things and accomplish what I could do in Logic 9 by instinct.

  • Alex

    best Logic Pro X Templates hire :

  • Alex

    Best Templates for Logic Pro

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