The coming freakout about iOS 7

It’s unfortunate, but Joel is absolutely right.

  • niico100

    Ive been using it since the beta hit – you get used to it in about 1-2 days. Fundamentally it still does 95% of what it did before, how it did it before.

    It looks very different, it does some more things – but the learning curve is very flat.

    If there is a freak out, I think it will die down fast & people will generally [grow to] like it.

    He’s right about consumer reports – I’m sure they’ll whip this up like every non-issue before. They’re more like a tabloid rag than a trusted source of consumer advice.

    • Agreed. Its like Facebook changes: people will bitch and moan for all of 15 minutes then they will forget that the old version existed in the first place..

    • GFYantiapplezealots

      There will be a freakout, and it will come from the mainstream media and bloggers. The only thing they care about are page views and contrived Apple controversy give them that.

      • niico100

        Exactly – the no. 1 company ‘failing’ at something is link bait. So they create lies to invent a failure and manipulate the public – and some people fall for it.

        Sadly this is the world we live in – and as long as people keep clicking, it wont change.

        The tabloid press have lived off this technique for hundreds of years (see yellow press).

        But when people actually use it – they will realise it’s actually an improvement.

  • TeeJay

    I’m not sure I really agree. I can see the point he’s trying to make, but if anything, the people he is referring to are actually the most open to change. It’s us (tech nerds and the like) that don’t like the change.

    Think back to when these people were using Nokia feature phones. Every time they got a new phone, the OS changed in some way, oftentimes it was completely different. Ever remember people complaining? Nope, me neither. If anything, I’d say they’ll be happy to get a brand new device with a brand new OS, rather than a brand new device with a 6 year old OS.

    Those people love change. I distinctly remember the day I bought my iPhone 5, a guy walked past and said “Why would anyone buy one of those? It just looks like the old iPhone”. They want different, they want new.

    The ones complaining will be the ones complaining now, which is us, myself included. Because We’re the ones that care about the disappointing aesthetic and questionable UX choices. We’re the ones that realise Helvetica is a ridiculous and somewhat passé choice for a system font. And we’re the ones that will continue to make a fuss after it’s released to the masses later this year.

    • niico100

      Actually – I’m a geek (developer) – I’ve liked iOS 7 from the start (been using the beta 1 since release on my main phone – pretty stable).

      I even like the icons, slightly jarring though they were I’m totally used to them now – and the old icons just look really dated. Perhaps we need something jarring to move things forward.

      Helvetica is a timeless classic – not everyone loves it, and it was too light in beta 1/2 – but beta 3 gives us a heavier font in a lot of cases.

      I’m very happy with iOS 7 – there is nothing I like about it less than iOS 6. I would hate to go back.

      Are you using it day to day? I find it hard to believe you say it has neither improvement or innovation. There are so many improvements – the full 3D interface, complete fonts overhaul, control centre (worth it for that alone), background downloading, auto app update, photos (huge) & a ton of new stuff for developers.

      If you really think this I suggest you watch some of the sessions from WWDC – there are massive improvements.

  • Odi Kosmatos

    Counterpoint: iOS is designed for Apple’s next billion customers

  • but but… doesn’t Apple target this exact non-tech savy crowd??

  • Thank God Apple is changing things up a bit… otherwise all the tech bloggers would starve from lack of pageview ad revenue.

    The very dolts that spent the last year complaining that Apple needs to dramatically change the look & feel of the UI of iOS will now complain that Apple shouldn’t have change the UI because iOS6 was perfect the way it was.

    • niico100

      Thinking about it – I kind of feel sorry for those link bait pond life. It’s a sad, desperate existence, without dignity.