Microsoft slashes prices on Surface

It’s dropping the prices on the Surface RT tablets by $150. So, I guess having Office on a tablet wasn’t as big as Microsoft thought.

  • Ben Gregg

    Guess not! LOL!

  • GTWilson

    I guess the teaming masses of consumers yearning to edit spreadsheets never materialized. Whodathunkit?

  • Moeskido

    Remain calm. All is well.

  • The White Tiger

    It’s close to be compelling. A $350 productivity tablet with excellent build quality and a few big name apps (not much else, granted) that comes with Office out of the box and is likely not going to see much of any security flaws in its lifetime isn’t bad.

    The problem is the keyboard– you’re gonna have to plunk down another $120 for a Touch Cover, which brings the price back up to almost $500 again. I’m also told if you really want to get work done, the Type Cover is the only way to go, and that’s $130. The price is then $480, which makes this only a marginally better deal than the free Cover promotion they had just a few weeks ago. The only people benefitting are those who only want the tablet itself, and really, who are those people? The keyboard makes the Surface.


    Next version of RT is going to be 7 inch so Microsoft is slashing the bigger version to get rid of it to schools and now to general public believing that public won’t ask of the same price reduction on the new 7 inch on to compete with the ipad mini.

    Talk about not copying Apple.

  • Timmy

    The problem is Windows RT. Windows RT gives the impression of being the regular Windows, but it’s not. It is “restricted” OS and ARM. The problem is made worse by the fact that there are now Windows 8 tablets coming out in the same price range as the RT tablet; the difference being that the X86 tablets are thicker than the ARM, but they can run X86 software. So by not having very distinct products, there is a lot of confusion what a product is. In this case, RT will be on its way out if X86 Windows 8 tablet become as small and light — because then what can RT do that regular Windows 8 tablet can’t?