Zombies and assholes

Sascha Segan:

So you see the self-serving nature of this study: Adeven is trying to boost its business by making app developers worry they won’t make any money without Adeven. In the meantime, the company promotes a half-blind idea of what Apple’s App Store is. That’s why I’m not actually linking to the study here.

When are the mainstream media going to get off their asses and realize that the “research” from these companies are designed to help those companies sell their products. Nothing else. The BBC, CNBC and the others are just assholes for falling for this type of marketing.

  • TheMacAdvocate

    This is the age of

  • lucascott

    When are folks going to release that these companies are statistically unsound and their truth is always trumped up.

    How is this group getting their stats? About downloads, usage etc. and how are they defining ‘zombie’ (apparently by whether it gets in the top 100 of one of the three iTunes Charts).

    It’s all bunk. It’s the same BS as Samsung reporting shipments to resellers as sales, or Hp having ‘sold out’ of Slates in preorder without being up front that there were only 5k units.

  • I have seen this “study” tossed around several times in various forums, always held up as some “expose” of the true nature of the App Store.

    When in fact, this is simply life. Evolution. Just as there are more organisms born/hatched/grown than there are resources to sustain, there are far more apps being written than there is money/attention/eyeballs to support.This is reality. Apple has no duty or even possible mechanism whereby all apps get equal time and all app developers get equal money. As in every single industry, the cream isn’t always guaranteed to rise to the top. And sometimes the scum floats.

    To paraphrase Gruber, Apple is handing you the bat. It’s entirely up to you and good luck to hit the ball out of the park.

  • varela

    Mainstream media is hardly innocent of these offenses.

  • Isn’t the same true for the mobile stats we love to debate, virus companies providing stats, etc? I’ve mentioned this before here. Consider the source.