Lumia 1020

BGR had some time with the new Nokia Lumia.

  • Dennis Madrid

    Anyone else think 41-megapixels is a little absurd? That’s more than a full-frame DSLR! With a sensor as tiny as the Lumia 1020 has (granted, larger than other cell phones, but still way smaller than APS-C and Micro 4/3) it’s way too much overkill. I get the whole “megapixel marketing myth” thing, but they could have cut that in half and had an even better camera. (larger pixels means more light/less grain, which is why sensor size is a big factor as well. Honestly they could cut it by a factor of 4 (10MP) and be an awesome camera, it just wouldn’t stand out as much in the marketing). Also an issue is that 41MP is impractical for a cell phone. Even saving as jpegs the photos will quickly consume the phone’s memory. Plus photos that large are difficult to manipulate and work with. A prime example: the 1020 actually takes two photos, a full resolution one and a smaller one at 5MP each time a photo is taken. The smaller one is for sharing online in social media since uploading/sharing the full size photo would create additional problems. (bandwidth usage, online storage, size restrictions, etc.)

    For a phone that’s supposed to focus a lot on taking quality pictures, they really missed it on this point.