Respect your customer

James Stratford bought a Blu-ray movie and was met with advertisements when he put it in the machine. He brings up a good point—we pay for the damn movie, don’t advertise to us or at least let us skip it.

  • Odi Kosmatos

    You don’t want advertisements? Rent/buy from iTunes and stream HD movies through this incredible invention called the Internet. Plastic discs? Leave that for Peter Cohen. And please, no BS about bandwidth, everyone has fast access now. (Mr. Stratford is in the UK, so, definitely no worries there)

    • Just wait till the status quo for the mass public is digital files. You better believe that there will be deals going down where trailer/ads are going to be either: A) embedded in the digital file from iTunes, amazon, etc.. B) there will be a deal struck with hardware makers to build in dynamic “pre-roll” ad capabilities similar to online video.

      People pay for magazine and newspaper subscription, yet they littered with ads.

    • Steve

      I’ve purchased TV shows on iTunes that have commercials at the beginning and end of each episode… It’s less common there, but it certainly happens.

      • lucascott

        I buy a lot of shows and have never seen that happen. just the ‘previous’ stuff which frankly i wish they could ditch as it is unneeded.

        Only thing close is on the Masterpiece titles which have stuff like Laura Linney ‘carding’ every ep of Downton Abbey with the whole ‘tonight on’. Drop that stuff please. And for the love of someone change the metadata so the title of the show is the title and everything doesn’t come up under Masterpiece.

    • lucascott

      If i could get full features that would even play on my Apple TV and iPad, all the subtitles and audio, higher quality (hurry up h.265 support) etc then I would ditch discs in a flash. Particularly if the pricing doesn’t go up or even better comes down (I mean if they can put BR discs on sale for $12.99-$14.99 why have the files at $24.99) and 3d support is in there. I wouldn’t mind $19.99 a movie for a set that goes up to 3D with features, audio etc.

  • Mother Hydra

    Wut. Behold the nerd rage from this guy James. That was certainly an entitled post, as if all of this is brand new and shiny. What the ‘eff was he expecting anyway? I’m not about to inconvenience myself by purchasing a bluray player that takes a minute to load a disc-based java menu after forcing me to sit through horrible advertisements. That ship sailed for many folks, so I hope that Hollywood enjoys Ramen noodles, that’s where they’re headed.

  • Or, instead of whining about it, you can do something about it: USB BR drive + MakeMKV + Handbrake or USB BR drive + Mac Blu-Ray Player.

    Both are excellent options, and all together cost less than a good dedicated BR player. Plus, with the rip and encode option, if you have kids, you can have your movies without them eating or scratching your expensive shiny disks!

  • matthewmaurice

    If you don’t want inescapable advertisement in Blu-Ray movies, tell the advertisers. If Mars, Incorporated hears “I have never in my life felt as disinclined to buy a packet of Maltesers as I am right now. I love Maltesers but now that brand is associated with an act of corporate greed.” a few hundred times, they’ll stop buying ads from Sony. It doesn’t matter if Sony doesn’t respect it’s customers if the big advertisers do.

  • Billy Razzle

    We also pay for cable TV.