What Gmail knows about you

When Google hands over e-mail records to the government, it includes basic envelope information, or metadata, that reveals the names and e-mail addresses of senders and recipients in your account. The feds can then mine that information for patterns that might be useful in a law-enforcement investigation.

There is no such thing as privacy on the Internet.

  • moolge

    Maybe there isn’t any privacy but there should be. Moreover, we shouldn’t just throw up our hands and accept this fascistic invasion of our privacy, damnit!

    • alias

      don’t you want America to run the world. All this spying is maintain the American control over not only internet but host of other things like trade deals, banking, corporate espionage.

      Sr. Bush said it best that “our lifestyle is non-negotiable.”

      You pay less for Oil because rest of the world subsidizes it for you. You have more freedoms because others are slave in the system.

      “Take up the White Man’s Burden/ Send forth the best ye breed” — Rudyard Kipling

      “a man should, whatever happens, keep to his own caste, race, and breed.” — Rudyard Kipling

      “East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet”? — Rudyard Kipling

      • Moeskido

        We also “pay less” for oil because we subsidize it ourselves, whether we like that or not.

      • Sigivald

        Oil is a fungible commodity, traded world-wide – and there’s no “America Discount”.

        We pay less for gasoline than other countries because we tax it less.

        How do you imaging the “rest of the world” is subsidizing it for the US, while bidding on the same oil, and consuming it?


        (Equally baffling is the assertion that the “more freedoms” Americans have vis-a-vis their State somehow depends on others being “slave[s] in the system”.

        How does that work?)

  • I would be really interested to know what service Jim uses for his email. Gmail or Fastmail or A another.