Thinking about content in a redesign

Rian van der Merwe takes you through a situation with a client where he had to convince them to focus on content during the redesign.

  • mdelvecchio

    yes, but i liked the article he linked to at the end better: “Structure First. Content Always”:

    “You can create good experiences without knowing the content. What you can’t do is create good experiences without knowing your content structure. What is your content made from, not what your content is. An important distinction.

    When we say: ‘Content First!’ we don’t really mean:

    ‘I’m going to sit on my hands right here unless you give me my content. Finalised, proofed and signed off. Thank you very much.’

    No, we don’t mean that. What we mean is:

    ‘We’d really like to understand the type and structure of the content for this project. Don’t worry, you don’t have to write anything yet, just help us understand.’”

  • richardmac

    Great link, Jim. I’m totally stealing those screenshots and using them.

  • Moeskido

    My wife and I have both had to try to make these points repeatedly, within many different projects, to people who seem to believe that design is just a pretty garbage dump into which they can toss anything they haven’t bothered to think through..