Samsung Galaxy S3 bursts into flames

I have to agree with Philip Elmer-Dewitt here; where are all the articles claiming Samsung is doomed? That’s what would happen if it was Apple.

  • Kip Beatty

    If Samsung were the biggest company in the world, with the mind share Apple has, there would be many such articles. It’s not so much Apple hate as it is a desire to nail the top dog, whoever that may be. Heavy lies the Crown as it were. I’ll be far more concerned about Apple when people don’t care enough to take shots at them.

  • I don’t recall “doomed” articles when the iPhone did it.

    • lucascott

      There weren’t ‘doomed’ articles but there were many about how Apple should be brought up on charges, forced to recall etc. Even after it was shown that in every case there was user liability involved. like the screw puncture cause the guy did his own cheap battery replacement

  • Ronaldo Alves Borges

    She’s full of.

  • Jason

    It is news when it happens to Apple. When it happens to Samsung it’s merely par for the course.