Improve your Web design projects

The first few things you do after a potential client contacts you about a web design project are the most important. In fact, these initial steps can spell the difference between a good or bad project.

I don’t envy designers. It takes talent to get the client to express what they want in a way the designer can satisfy their expectations.

  • Jessica Darko

    The Loop is supporting a scammer. And 2 weeks after being told about it, they’re still doing it. Here’s the facts: Appsfire is a company whose business model is scamming indie developers by promissing to game the top rankings. Since their CEO runs around harassing people who point this out, time to bring a direct quote of the email he sent my associate:

    “Here’s the message I received from Ouriel, back in the day:

    “ee can push your app to hundreds of thousands of users on a pay per install basis. cost would be 1 dollar per install with a discount with volume. If you decide to make your app free for a day we ll charge you a fee of either 5000 USD or 0.5 per install (whatever the greatest). From our experience we can get you to the top of your category in no time, even better if you are able to discount the price of your app”