Don’t be an asshole

Remember, this is a controlled test. A dog will start to panic, making the experience even worse for them. A dog also can’t perspire. If you see a dog in car, call the police.

If you leave your dog in the car, you’re an asshole.

  • Lukas

    Don’t break dogs out of electric cars, by the way, before making sure that the air conditioning isn’t on. Electric cars often have air conditioning that keeps running even if the car is techincally turned off.

    • gjgustav

      Good point, but you can’t expect people to know that. If you have a car like that, put signs on it.

    • samdchuck

      Don’t break dogs out of cars period. In most states it’s not illegal (however cruel you find it) to leave an animal in your car. And unless you’re a police officer (fire dep. etc. depending on states. damn you convoluted U.S. state laws) it’s illegal to break into someone’s car for this purpose. There are, I believe, only two states were you won’t be liable (or get immunity) if you acted in good faith.

      As Jim said, call the cops.

      • Rex

        Who cares about what’s legal? I’ve broken car windows in this situation, and, though I’ve never been caught for it, I’d happily take the vandalism charge. I’ll keep doing it. People who do this deserve to get the shit beat out of them.

        • samdchuck

          I’m sure that after you’ve been arrested, fined and jailed for repeated acts of vandalism and destruction of property you’ll care that it’s illegal.

          Call the cops. If you live in a state were leaving an animal locked in a car is illegal they will know they did something wrong when the cops come to fine them or even put them in jail. If you just go around breaking car windows they’ll think your just a punk and most likely won’t even know why you did it.

          • mdelvecchio

            the police in my city barely respond to the constant acts of violence around us. they wont be responding in a timely fashion to a dog — which theyd rater shoot, anyway.

            sorry, ill be breaking your window. deal with it when you get back.

          • samdchuck

            You won’t. I don’t have a car nor a dog. Additionally, I probably live on the other side of the planet.

            Enjoy your time in prison for your illegal and destructive vigilante acts. Or your time in the hospital when one of those dogs jumps out of the car and attacks you.

          • Ninuya Biz

            If you’re on the other side of the planet, why are you judging this guy as to what he’s saying?

            Great that you live in some utopia where the police show up whenever you call them, but the reality for many US cities is that it takes an act of congress to get the police to react to anything. I’ve called the police because someone shot at my car, and the response I got was, “Well, there’s no evidence so we can’t do anything.” Also tried calling when the couple next door was fighting and when the police showed up they didn’t do anything because the fight (which got physical) was over.

            If the police won’t do crap and you can do the right thing, why wouldn’t you break a window? I don’t know how hot it gets where you are but we’ve had temperatures of 110 in LA.

            But then again, I suppose it doesn’t get that hot in a country as perfect as yours. I suppose you can also pass by a dog in a car with all the windows up and with the power of good intentions, the situation will take care of itself.

            It must be nice to live in such a perfect society where you know your conscious will be clear for doing nothing. It’s a shame I don’t live there, or the other people who give a damn enough to break a window and break a law to do the right thing couldn’t live there as well.

          • Jessica Darko

            It’s sad that you’re a fascist and you don’t even realize it. If you keep nosing into other people’s lives, one of these days you’ll lose your nose.

          • mdelvecchio

            you’re so insane – to believe that saving a dog from baking to death makes one a “fascist”. get a clue. put down your mouse, get off your high horse of techno privilege, and get a clue.

          • Jessica Darko

            What I’d break of yours in response, you’ll miss 100x more than I’ll miss that window. And it won’t be replaceable.

            Don’t do the crime if you’re not ready for the consequences, mr. delvecchio.

          • mdelvecchio

            yeah, like some drag queen on the interwebs is going to track down an anonymous window breaker from the parking lot. right.

            better idea — don’t let your dog bake in an oven and you won’t have to worry about losing a window.

        • Jessica Darko

          IF you broke my car window, a vandalism charge would be getting off easy. My response would be more permanent.

          You’re just a fascist little busybody thinking you know what’s going on when really you’re an idiot.

          You will get the shit beaten out of you, and deservedly so, eventually.

          • Alexei Baboulevitch

            Why do you keep posting all this vitrol? Just, like, calm down and go to another part of the internet. The comments section isn’t for flame wars. Also, you’re not going to risk going to prison just because somebody fucked with your car. That would be dumb.

          • mdelvecchio

            my dearest “Jessica” (tho it’s far more likely you’re a pasty middle-aged male in underwear),

            please start taking your meds again.


      • JDSoCal

        Citation needed.

      • mdelvecchio

        dont care if its legal. if im in a parking lot and youve left your dog in to bake to death, im breaking your window. deal with it when you get back.

        • Jessica Darko

          Oh, I will. You won’t like the consequences, either. Also, the dog wasn’t suffering because I was only gone 90 seconds, and that also means I returned in time to catch you in the act.

          What you’re going to lose, can’t be replaced.

          • mdelvecchio

            you are unwell. please seek treatment.

    • Jessica Darko

      No, no, no, if we see a dog in a car ,we must call the police, otherwise we’re assholes.

      Thinking is not allowed in dalrymple’s fascist utopia.

      • Moeskido

        You must really hate the writing on this site, considering how many times you feel the need to criticize it.

  • imthedude

    Oh, but my dog wanted to go to the mall with me! He’ll be lonely at home!

  • Billy Razzle

    So, this vet didn’t know that it got hot in a parked car on a summer day?

    • Moeskido

      Or he was trying to make a point for fools who don’t think before they torture their pets.

    • Dave Kuhar

      He knew full well. He’s trying to make a point to the assholes who leave their dogs in cars on hot days.

    • I’m trying to gather subjects for a case study regarding how the Internet is seemingly giving many people a combination of Tourette’s and Asperger’s Syndrome. You might be a good candidate.

      • Billy Razzle

        Maybe it should be a self study.

        • I’m the control. You get to wear a harness and sit in a dark room, eating Cheetos and staring at a screen.

          • Billy Razzle

            I’m sorry for my first response. I didn’t mean to encourage this kind of behavior.

          • Where would be the fun in that?

            Apology accepted.

  • Space Gorilla

    Last year during seeding (grain farm) we had electrical problems on the 4WD tractor, which meant no fan, and certainly no a/c. And no windows to crack open either. It was around 43 degrees C inside the cab (about 109 F), and I was operating 12 hours a day. It was brutal. I can’t imagine a dog with hair, plus not being able to sweat in that heat. And I could also drink tons of water all day. A dog in a car probably doesn’t have much water.

    • You know what the temperature was outside?

      I’m thinking it was pretty reasonable in seeding season. Be a good point to share. 🙂

      • Space Gorilla

        Between 25 and 28 degrees C each day, a couple days were 30, it was much warmer than usual for late May/early June and seeding was delayed. Normally we’d be done by the end of May. It seemed as long as the sun was shining the cab would heat up into the low 40s C. Cloudy days were better, obviously, didn’t heat the cab as much.

        • A 10-20° jump is nothing to sneeze at. Especially when the high end of that is 43°. I wouldn’t want to be in that heat. (Good on you for getting the job done, though.)

          • Space Gorilla

            We spent $9,000 having that tractor completely rewired after seeding was done, there were all sorts of electrical problems, which included a solenoid that burst into flames inside the dash a couple of times. The lack of a fan was the smallest problem 🙂 No a/c yet in it but I had a fan this season. Just pushing air through the cab makes quite a difference. And normal May/June temperatures as well.

  • Pacomius

    As a consequence of an upper level spinal cord injury I no longer perspire at all, and so must remember to carry a spray bottle full of water to keep myself cool in warm weather. There have been a few occasions when I have been caught out without it over the last twenty years, and can vouch for the fact that hyperthermia would be a truly horrible way to go. I am not recommending it to anyone, but for myself, if I find a dog in a locked car on a hot day, that car is going to lose a window

    • mdelvecchio

      yup. only submissive bootlickers worry about breaking the law in these sorts of judgement situations. life is exceptions.

      • Jessica Darko

        You’re the submissive bootlicker who thinks you have the right to mess with other people’s property in your socialist utopia, shithead.

        • mdelvecchio

          “your mom”

          boom. whaddya think about that, mister?

    • Jessica Darko

      …and if it’s my car, you’re going to lose something more significant than a window. Maybe spinal cord injury number 2 is in the wings.

      • mdelvecchio

        you’re just a fat guy confined to a basement, aren’t you?

  • Jessica Darko

    Calling the police outside of an emergency makes you an asshole. Always. And if you do it, you deserve whatever retribution your victim visits upon you (and half the time, the police will make your life miserable, which you deserve.)

    • Douglas Hester

      Jeez, Jessica, they have creams for whatever’s itching you so bad.

      • mdelvecchio

        she is a he. he hates himself, thus the female alter identity. I saw this on tv once.

  • dvdphn

    How do people not understand this? It’s the same as leaving a baby in a parked car. How hard is it take the dog out of the car, and leash the dog in a shaded place?

    On the other hand, having a dead dog in the car is a lesson some people deserve. Like having an ice cream cake melt all over the back seat.