Most hated

Philip Elmer-Dewitt does a little investigation on the company that says the iPhone 5 is the most hated smartphone and the Galaxy S4 is the most loved. It’s funny.

  • “little investigation” is right, seems to me like it’s just normal Apple fanboy-ism trying to debunk a negative story that got a lot of press. funny? yup

    • BSmith

      Hi Samsung shill. I hope you got your $1 for posting that comment. See ya next time!

    • Moeskido

      Thanks, Jason. Hope your freelance marketing gig is paying the rent for your mom’s basement.

  • GTWilson

    It flies in the face of reality to such a point that you wonder if there’s any thought put into it at all anymore.

    It’s like the media and advertising industries are ferried to work every morning in tiny yellow buses.

  • John Lasruk

    I know bullshit when I smell it. And “most loved/hated” are hardly quantifiable terms in any event. Just somme goombah trying to make a reputation when skill and accuracy writing seem too difficult.

  • satcomer

    I have been seeing a trend in blogs lately. Seems they are all now taking Samsung money to write bad things about Apple. This is a symptom that shows most bloggers are whores that will do anything for a buck.

    • tylernol

      Well if they were busted for paying bloggers to write negative things about HTC, then they probably are doing so for Apple as well.