Apple vs. Google: The commoditization wars

Mike Elgan:

Apple sells hardware and software. To Apple, services are free things they offer to support the sale of their hardware and software. So Apple wants to de-commoditize hardware and software and commoditize services.


Google, on the other hand, is a services company that makes hardware and software to support its services. So Google wants to make services less commoditized and hardware and software more commoditized.

Great article.

  • stevesup

    Disagree. Typical Elgin pseudologic. Somehow Google will commoditize phones by customizing them? Duh. Elgin’s own words: “The bare-bones version will be very inexpensive. Additional features will cost more.” Exactly.

    What’s true is that Google, Facebook and Amazon would hand out phones for free if they could afford it. And they would be doing so today if Apple hadn’t reinvented the garbage phones of the past, making them too good, too beautiful, and too true for the bottom sucking, bloodsucking “service” providers to commoditize into landfill garbage.

    • G


  • Moeskido

    Elgan is one of those tech columnists who’ve been in the business long enough to have started out by pummeling Apple for not being more like Microsoft, which he did at every opportunity, heedless of the need for context or empirical facts regarding either company’s ethics, talents, or business model.

    He switched horses a little while back when it became obvious that Google was the rolling pin he needed to pick up to continue his trolling work. And so he goes.

    All due respect to Mr. D, but I have little need to read anything Elgan has to say. He’s certainly no Elmer-Dewitt.

  • Herding_sheep

    Did you really just say Elgan wrote a “great article?” It’s typical Elgan nonsense. The guy has been a complete clown act for as long as I can remember. This article is really no different. That single quote barely qualifies as substance.

    • stevesup

      And yet … Leo will have Elgin on TWiT saying what a great article it is also.