iPhone 5 sold twice as fast as Galaxy S4 at launch

I think the shine is starting to come off Samsung.

  • Innovseveners

  • Jack

    The article states that the S4 sold faster than the S3. Nothing points to the shine coming off. They’re still losing to Apple’s sales but that’s always been the case.

  • Sebastian Paul

    Shipped – Sold…

    It’s impossible to walk into a store and pick up the newest iPhone for the 2 months after a release, when did something comparable ever happen with a Samsung model?

    So Samsung is either able to manufacture way more devices (at what cost? -> Foxconn-like working conditions?) to satisfy the demand or the demand is not really that high.

    This is just like last year, when reports appeared of Samsung selling 9 million Galaxy S 3 prior to release – but that were no “Pick up your device on release day”-preorders, just “AT&T and Verizon want to fill their stores with enough devices for three months after the release”-preorders.

  • juanm105

    the shine couldn’t come off Samsung since it was never shiny.

  • Moeskido

    Samsung doesn’t need that shine. They just need to flood the shelves with product.

  • Whatever. It is not a zero sum game.