Codename Prometheus

Experience designer Aral Balkan has revealed plans to create an open platform that competes on user experience in the consumer space.

This is a huge undertaking.

  • gjgustav

    I’m skeptical. Open source has the problem where everyone designs for themselves. The result is that you get geeks making the UI which means a geeky UI. This is why Linux, GIMP, etc. are not used by regular people.

  • I’m more than skeptical. I’m expecting this to be a shallow clone of something.

  • richardmac

    I’m more than more than skeptical. I expect it to be vaporware! No, actually, the first two posters hit the nail on the head. If anything has a shot at something like this, it’s Linux, and despite all of the interest in making Linux for mortals, it never happened, at least not on the desktop.

  • Timmy

    Instead of talking the talk, show us the stuff when it’s ready. It usually takes two years to get something from concept to market.

  • DanielSw

    “Democratic” software system?? Pipe dreams of the lazy and/or indigent who can’t or are too stingy to pay for quality products from Apple. Apple has paid its dues and invested so much into its ecosystem and is now reaping the rewards.

  • matthewmaurice

    So they’re trying to out-Apple Apple, while not being Google? Yeah, how’s that working out for Microsoft? Where’s the upside for any decent ODM to use this platform? Because you know no OEM will touch it unless it’s as good as iOS and as cheap as Android.