BlackBerry execs to face tough questions from investors

BlackBerry (BBRY.O) will likely face tough questions about its future at its annual meeting on Tuesday after dismal quarterly results last week triggered a 28 percent plunge in the Canadian smartphone maker’s share price.

Seriously? Now you ask the tough questions?

  • James Baker

    “What the fuck have you been doing all this time?” “…” “Really?” “…”

    “You’re joking.” “…” “Wait, it must be your Canadian accent. Where did the money go?” “…” “Well, I mean they have radio, tv, shit like that up North, right? You’ve seen what everyone else has been doing the last six years?” “…” “Well what year do you think it is?” “…” “I don’t understand a word you’re saying.” “…” “A pager app?”

  • Dennis Madrid

    The firm I work with announced recently that they’ll be supporting the new Blackberry 10 devices. (we support BYOD as an alternative; a lot of people have opted to do that instead of using the firm-provided blackberries) I wonder what will happen if Blackberry doesn’t make it through the next couple of years given we’re about to invest in hundreds of Blackberry devices with new 2-year contracts.