“Designed in California” ads are strategic for Apple

Tim Bajarin nails it. This is what the ads are all about.

  • Paul E

    But made in China

    • GFYantiapplezealots

      By robots

  • Crabbit_Git

    The commentary has been for years, why can Apple not manufacture in America?

    (Ignore the fact that almost every other large PC manufacturer has done exactly the same, often by the same company, in the same facility)

    Apple brings the manufacturing process back to Texas, Designed in California, Made in Texas and people are still complaining?

    First of the Whingers? … Too expensive …

    • Hypothesard

      Add to that the virtually immediate availability of massive workforce, not talking about the price (salary) of this workforce but Really Its availability On demand — in the Thousand of people avalaible from one day to the next week(s) —, which never really was available in the US even in the beginning when Apple made Its highly automated Factories for the first few models of Macintosh.

      Generationally (Today’s 20-35y persons), the Assembly workforce — that Apple needs today — never was in the US to begin with…

      Long gone the years of Ford Cities in the US and even there and then, the sheer volume of units of cars never were and still isn’t today as high as the volumes of Apple Devices (or any other PC and multimedia devices) exiting the Chinese Assembly lines (shared with 95% of the other PC and multimedia devices manufacturers) would require.

      Another thing is that even if Parts are Made in the US and the Assembly is done in the US some parts are simply not available from within the US (Memory [RAM, VRAM and Flash Memory], some chipsets [Controllers, DSP], etc.)…

      Hence the Assembled (Not Manufactured) in the USA for the 2013 Mac Pro.

      • GFYantiapplezealots

        Wow! Ever heard of Micron or Intel? Stay in school and buy American kid.

        • Hypothesard

          Strangely… Yes. Agreed Intel Makes its CPU in the US, but all of Its chipsets…? not so sure, and the SSD PCIe showed under Plexiglass at WWDC still uses Samsung parts and even if Micron Is the Provider of the RAM are you sure It’s all Made in The USA?

          Picture of a 2GB RAM Stick from my 2011 13″ MBP : http://a.yfrog.com/img808/7267/9rjtt.jpg

          Product of China Branded Micron you know… the Company in which both Apple and Intel have bought shares of.

          Question : Why should I buy American Kid I have my own… son. As for staying in school I better do as I’m a Teacher… son…

          Darn ! patriotism can be so ugly, whatever country It applies

  • Hypothesard

    There’s a lot of assumption made by Bajarin (lots of If and then) and while the logic seems sound those assumptions may never come in the light of day either because moves weren’t made or more simply because The image of the USA isn’t that important to sell US Initiated products In the rest of the world

    Of course there will alway be the stupid saying “Aha, Made in China = Crap … except when It a US designed one” or whatever other stupidity wrapped in a platitude sparkled with prejudicial moronic nonsense…

    Not the point, I know… to the point then : there was (probably still is… see previous paragraph and apply to relevant country) a movement of National pride in France to only buy Made in France (70’s to Late 90’s) up to the point were it meant nothing as to qualify for the Label It only had to be assembled in the country which still was bleeding actual french Manufacturers (delocalizing to less taxed countries or implanting fresh new ones, taking incentive and closing shops almost over night).

    Economic recession and pauperisation of the average population led to more and more demand for cheap products satisfied by French Distributors sold in French Supermarket. Made In China Prices stamped the price grids in peoples minds, Transitioning from the national currency to the Euros currency helped rising the prices (as did the inflation) but still up today prices of Made In China still is the norm.

    And you know what they say about history repeating itself and also that there is no more proud citizens than the american ones… except French people…

    Maybe US High-Tech industry will be able to succeed were France didn’t (when weren’t they?) but pride is a double edged sword especially when the population has been repeatedly cheated and sucked dry of any illusion of economical immunity…

    What’s left is Hope and Dreams… Maybe High level Politics and a war of words between the US and the rest of the world will bless the US-Side of an entire industry or maybe that’s another illusion…

    But consider this : I’m depressed and as far as my eyes go I only see death, misery and desolation… In other words I’m not even an half empty glass person at the moment ; I’m a the glass will broke and its content will inevitably be lost kind of guy… at the moment


  • newtownanimal

    To me the difference is – where is the money going? Toyota can design and build all the cars it wants in the US, but the money ends up in Japan, just as S. Korea would end up with any cash Samsung earns here. I think it’s great that Apple is doing more manufacturing here, and I hope they will continue the trend. However, even if they manufacture their products overseas, the money ends up here.

    • GFYantiapplezealots

      Exactly! And this is why I have little respect for any American I see with a Samsung device.