Skyhook: Google bad mouthed us to Apple

In its court filings, Skyhook claims that “Having apparently disparaged Skyhook’s technology to Apple, Google proceeded to then launch the same Wi-Fi based location technology by infringing Skyhook’s patents.

That can’t be true—that would be evil and Google’s not evil. Right?

  • Entirely unpossible. Completely ridonculous.

  • I look forward to them getting the documents for proof beyond “[Skyhook] believes”. This should be something Google opens its doors and let’s the transparency flow.

    • I agree that there needs to be proof beyond WAH WAH WAH, they said mean things about us WAH WAH WAH but Google and transparency? That’s not going to happen.

      • True, probably not but for the specific instance of data I hope they do open up. I hate hearing companies do stuff like this and if they did, own up. If they didn’t, they should clear their name.

  • Slurpy2k12

    Stories like this make it clear just how hypocritical Larry Page’s “Everyone should have a slice of the pie, we believe in unicorns, ranbows, and ice-cream for everyone” bullshit speech was.