Samsung acquires Boxee

An earlier report by The Marker, an Israeli Web site, said that Samsung purchased the start-up for $30 million. In a statement, a Samsung spokeswoman would confirm only that Samsung had acquired some employees and assets of Boxee but did not disclose how much it had paid.

Oh well.

  • Colin Mattson

    It’s probably a match made in heaven. Boxee DVR is the “no monthly fee” DVR with a monthly fee, after all. That fits right in with Samsung’s market strategy.

    • speedlimiter

      DVR service will be closing on July 10th.

  • Fabulous magic

    They bought it so they can use the name to describe their products

  • I wonder if they bought it for hardware or software. Boxee was the only tech purchase I have ever returned so it can’t get any worse.

  • Hari Seldon

    I use my Boxee Box every day, had it for 2 years now. There haven’t been any firmware updates for a while, but it works fine. Love it.