Apple beats Samsung for customer satisfaction in Korea

Apple seems to win customer satisfaction everywhere.

Note: The link goes to a Google translated page.

  • DanPierce

    Surprised that Samsung allowed that to be published.

  • Moeskido

    I’ll bet Samsung’s CEO can’t throw a chair as far as Ballmer can.

  • It seems Apple gets points for not requiring service in the first place, and then points for simply replacing your device regardless of issue when you do. In Korea, Samsung A/S is extremely well done, so this is a huge win for Apple. Americans may think just stopping by the Genius Bar is convenient. In Korea, if you call with a problem, Samsung will send a person to your house, same-day, and usually get it fixed right then and there. The Samsung service people are also pretty generous in what they do and will usually take care of any other minor issues you may have while they are at it, regardless of warranty coverage. Some articles claim that Samsung’s A/S has mostly covered up problems with their software/hardware, but it may no longer be enough.

    • Kriztyan

      That’s just it. You have to call and even if someone shows up, you still had a problem that you needed someone to solve. I might not be your typical Apple user, but in the 21 years of using and buying Apple products, I only have had to get help three or four times. In 21 years, that is pretty good I would say. A couple of chargers for laptops, a bad refurbished monitor that needed replacing and an issue with an iTunes rental. All solved to my satisfaction.

  • richard451

    It’s kind of sad that 1/2 of purchasers are not satisfied with the Apple iPhone and somehow that is considered good news (not to mentioned it barely beats out a phone made out of plastic). Although maybe it’s a Korean thing as according to that survey, they are not overly satisfied by any brand.

    • Kevin Kee

      Are you still in real world? You are, Ok, good, because then you should know nothing satisfy everyone.

    • GFYantiapplezealots

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  • AltayKai

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