Appsfire [Sponsor]

Appsfire is a delightful and elegant mobile guide to the best apps. If you believe the App store is not doing enough to help you find the apps that are right for you, try Appsfire. It features an incredibly fast and accurate app search, curated lists of apps and deals, it shows you the apps your friends like and more. In addition, they also help developers grow which is very important. Download Appsfire in the App store or get it here.

  • Jessica Darko

    Appsfire is a scam business. They are one of the major companies gaming the appstore by selling rankings. You pay them money and then they send a push notification to all their customers telling them to download your app. This simultaneous mass download causes the app to shoot up the charts. The “service” is not cheap.

    This does NOT help developers. It makes the AppStore less of a meritocricy and more of a pay-to-play system whereby companies like AppsFire make all the money.

    Hopefully soon Apple will shut them down.

    Jim, you need to do more due diligence on your sponsors.

    • Jessica, we ve been tracking your claims for a while in many sites. it s about time you stop your nonsense anonymous barking. Have you worked with us? Do you have any idea what we do? i doubt it.

      If you want to understand how Appsfire works you first read this our standard of behaviors, and then compare with whoever…

      On another note i am happy to let you know that Appsfire is up and running in the app store. That our last 5 updates in the past 2 months have gone smoothly and that our customers are more than happy

      Our website explains very well how we help developers. really.

      So stop being confusing.

      Ouriel Ohayon Appsfire CEO

      • Jessica Darko

        LOL! You’ve been tracking me? I’m anonymous, yet I give my name here. And I’m the one that’s confusing?

        Of course I haven’t worked with you– once YOU PERSONALLY sent me your terms– that you wanted thousands of dollars to “promote” my app and that you would not guarantee any sort of results, I stopped responding.

        It is a real shame that apple is allowing you on the store when you’re runnign a pay-for-placement scam to game the top downloads lists.

        The proof that I’m right and you’re wrong is obvious– you don’t deny it, and you attack me personally rather than deal with the facts.

        And yes, I have noticed that you are all over the interent, commenting on your competitors discussions and anywhere you can, spreading this bullshit, trying to whore yourself for customers.