Nine Inch Nails – Came Back Haunted

First single off the forthcoming album. Video directed by David Lynch. Disturbing as hell. Can’t wait for the album though!

  • Fraydog

    What the fuck? I like NIN a lot, but what’s the point of this video?

    • tylernol

      to freak you out? It’s David Lynch.

    • Lukas

      You do realize who David Lynch is, right?

  • tylernol

    I hope this means Lynch is taking a break from his transcendental meditation spokesman stuff and getting back to directing.

  • mini-beard


  • staxas

    Liked it, oldschool psychedelica. Better than the modern ‘immediate gratification’ stuff if you ask me.

  • Trialnterror

    Album comes out on me b-day! Yay!

  • Overall, I like it, although too much of the graphics look like the kind of thing I was doing with Macromedia Director at University over 20 years ago… Kicking music though!