BlackBerry 10 not coming to PlayBook

Today on the quarterly conference call, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins announced that BlackBerry 10 would not be coming to the PlayBook as previously expected. Apparently the performance wasn’t up to snuff, and Heins want the focus back onto core products.

It’s not like there’s enough PlayBook users to bother with anyway.

  • Mark Thomson

    I’ve never actually seen anyone use one outside of a tech blog review. Seen them in stores, lots of them, unsold and stacked high.

    • I’ve seen two in the wild and was able to play with them. Both in the hands of hardcore BB users who had put them to pretty good use, but both of who criticised the lack of good applications and the sad state of the OS.

      That being said:


      This thing is from 2011!

    • Two of my younger brothers have them, and one guy in the office has one. And…

      That’s it.

  • Moeskido


  • Timmy

    They still sell the Playbook, and now they won’t support it. They have been selling the same Playbook for years, and users expecting to see the upgrade. Maybe they don’t have that many users, but it will probably still be in the millions. If you treat your current customers like this, will they ever buy your phones in the future?

  • Anthony 

    Typical RIM. Over-promise and under-deliver. I’ll bet all those Playbook owners who have been waiting for BB10 on their “amateur hour is over” tablet are a tad pissed this morning.

    • Timmy

      That’s just it, they had some hope because of brand loyalty. The only thing Apple had left in 1997 was brand loyalty. And Apple used it to slowly get back. I believe in those days 20 percent were first time Mac buyers, so loyal Apple customers were important for the comeback.

      It took Apple 4 years to get Mac OS X to replace Mac OS 8. In the mean time, Apple did put some resources in the Classic OS development to bridge the gap, so they got Mac OS 8.5 and 9. You have to please your loyal customers.

      Apple also did make it possible for new Intel users to run PowerPC apps for quite a few years.

      Current Blackberry reminds me of Apple before Steve came back; they promised Copland would be in our hands in 1996 to counter Windows 95, and it never happened.

      Blackberry screws their loyal customers, now they are screwed for good.