A week with Mavericks

Ben Bajarin:

Overall, Apple is continuing their trend of adding new and useful features on an annual basis. But more importantly, in the grand scheme of things, OS X Mavericks represents Apple’s commitment to innovate uniquely for different form factors. Apple has drawn a line in the sand and stated with their actions that they believe software for the PC is different and should be treated different than software for tablets and smartphones.

In other words, the total opposite of what Microsoft is trying to accomplish.

Thank goodness.

  • DanielSw

    Makes obvious sense: I don’t want to have to reach over and touch my iMac display; and I don’t want to require a keyboard or pointing device other than my fingers for my iOS devices. But I also want smooth interoperability between the two systems.

    This is all going to be further enhanced with Mavericks and iOS 7.

    I’m also very heartened at the prospect of the power of the new Mac Pro. I pretty much knew Apple wouldn’t let us down, and that they were simply taking the time and making the efforts necessary to get the next Pro “right.”

    • dr.on

      amusing thought comes to mind is how will Intel copy Mac Pro.

      Vertical motherboard is one thing but putting 2 GPUs that they don’t have is going to be scary for them.

      Only competitor Intel has for GPU is Intel Xeon Phi 5110P and it

      only give something like 1011 MFLOPS for 225 Watt.

      • dr.on

        oops meant GFLOPS instead of MFLOPS.

      • Td

        Maybe I’m missing your point, but since when did Intel ever compete directly with the Mac Pro or copy it?

        I don’t think it’s Intel’s intention (or even makes sense) to put giant, powerful GPUs on a single chip with the CPU. Intel integrated graphics is meant for day-to-day graphics, not massively parallel workloads using CUDA/OpenCL. They have other approaches for that kind of computing.

        • gjgustav

          Intel put up a fund for PC developers to copy the MacBook Air. It’s not unreasonable that they would want more PC makers to make a compact, but powerful PC. I can’t see a PC maker having non-removable GPUs though.

    • lucascott

      “But I also want smooth interoperability between the two systems.”

      I agree but I also think there should be some more feature matching between versions. It’s frustrating to me when I’m using pages on iOS and a template isn’t there and I have to go start the document on the computer and sync it over. Or that iMovie themes aren’t the same or I can’t move over a trailer project to finish with footage that’s on my computer.

      I really hope by iOS 8 we get some DLC/plug in type behavior to trim up some of the bloat like languages we don’t use AND to add things we would (for those of us that want them). And equal behavior on the Mac side. Imagine even being able to buy a vetted pack of iMovie themes from the Mac App Store that are both Mac and iOS and having the mobile versions waiting in your DLC for when you want them.

  • Agarun Ilyaguyev

    Different form factors need different, optimized interfaces in order to be truly effective and be able to provide the best user experience. This is true even between smartphones and tablets. Microsoft doesn’t seem to get that. “Metro”, while great on smartphones/tablets, is beyond ridiculous on a 27″ desktop, especially given the fact that it’s clearly not designed for keyboard and mouse. Windows 8 is a prime example of change for change’s sake, with functionality a mere afterthought, no task is made easier or more accessible in “Metro”, oftentimes quite the contrary, and that is a massive fail from a product design (i.e. not how it looks but how it works) perspective.

    Just my $0.02.

    • lucascott

      Metro on the desktop is odd but I kind of get it. It does work sort of.

      But the desktop on tablets I don’t get. I remember trying out a surface at the local office supply place and all the same open/save boxes came up and it was a nightmare to get around. I felt like I needed to get a mouse. Not really something you should feel about a tablet