Kickstarter’s coming to Canada

Now Jim can start a Kickstarter campaign to build a swimming pool filled with Heineken.

  • Provided it also includes technology to make the world’s first bacon fountain a reality, how soon can I give money to make this happen??

  • lucascott

    The key question is, will the pool light up when dance music is paid

  • Jessica Darko

    Kickstarter has never bothered to make it easy to find projects on their site, and last week they proved themselves to be profoundly dishonest when they characterized a book that advicses “back off if you get any resistance” (a lower standard than hearing “no”) as one advocating “violence against women” and “rape”.

    Kickstarter showed they are either run by piece of shit mysandrists or are such pussies that they can’t stand up for honesty and integrity in the face of piece of shit mysandrists.