One million Android users downloaded adware in the last year

Adware is the most prevalent app-based mobile threat around the world today. In the past year, Lookout estimates that more than one million American Android users downloaded adware. In fact, 6.5 percent of free apps in Google Play contain adware.

Everything is perfectly fine. Between the malware and adware, every Android user will be infected soon.

  • Sebastian

    These posts are reminding me of the the claims that virus epidemics are hitting OS X hard, which come up every few months. It’s just not happening.

    1 million Android devices is 0.1% of total activations, hardly ‘every Android user.’ I don’t hear it being a big issue from Android users I know. But it is 1 million more than iOS users, so I guess that’s something.

  • Agarun Ilyaguyev

    A couple (even a dozen) million out of 40+ billion total downloads still constitutes less than one thousandth of a percent, which is basically negligible.

    If you ask me, solid customer privacy policy is orders of magnitude more important than lack of adware and crapware (which iOS has plenty of, mind you, albeit in a different form).

  • matthewmaurice

    Only a million? I’d have thought that number would be far higher.