Making the NetNewsWire 4 app icon

Gorgeous work.


    not flat enough. it is too life like. not the right color. too many shadows.

  • migko


  • Moeskido

    Lovely. Nice, detailed work. I appreciate that kind of effort, no matter what the current fads dictate.

  • Steve J.

    I really wish all the armchair designers that have suddenly come out of the woodwork in recent weeks would shut the up and stop talking about design as if they know anything about it. I’m also talking about a ton of so-called “professional” designers too.

  • Jessica Darko


    It’s really just so wonderful to watch you suck Brent Simmons’ cock in public like this. Your fairy band of elitist insider and insular “mac developers” just can’t stop the public exhibitionism, can it?

    Glad to see you swallow too– that shows commitment!


    Indie mac developer who has no chance of ever getting coverage on The Loop because she’s female and not one of the “cool boys”.